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  • I get close to 5. hmmmmm anything running in the background ??

    Use 3dmark11 to benchmark
    my laptop is running in Power Saver mode and my screen brightness is also less than 50%
    you didnt reply me regarding benchmarking tool. :(
    and my laptop is giving only 2hr 30min or max 2hr 45min with Nokia C2-01 attached via USB. I think its not good. What do you think?
    1) It looks nice enough to me :)
    2) Only i7 version has bluray and it costs 57k
    3) Some old games lagged. New games run really well.
    Hey there....
    It looks like u r an owner of Samsung Series 5 NP550P..... Im also planning to purchase the same laptop. But however i have 3 queries:
    1. It possess an alphanumeric keyboard + a bit left alingned trackpad. Dosent that make it look shabby?
    2. It looks like u purchased the 15' version. How much does it cost (with bluray drive installed)
    3. What games are u playing on it? Do they show any sort of lag?

    Plz yar help me out ....
    Super thanks for super fast reply. But problem is c: drive is already 909GB and windows is installed. And when i tried shrink volume i couldn't understood how to make c: drive 100gb. The least i could allocate to c: was 445gb.
    5. From the following steps you can set the Drive Letter, Mount.

    6. Now from here Format the drive in file system as you like.

    7. After completing this process now you can use your newly created partition in Windows 7.

    NOTE : You can not use your new partition until you don't format your new created partition.
    EASEUS is the best software to partition.
    if you dont have it use the inbuild disk management utility.


    I have copy pasted it

    How to create Partition in Windows 7/Seven ?
    It is easy to create partition in Windows 7/seven. You can create partition on windows 7/seven using disk management utility from manage option. I will show you how to create new partition in windows 7/seven in easy steps in this post.

    To create partition using disk management option follow below steps :

    1. Right click on my computer and click on manage option.

    2. A new window will open. From here click on Disk Management.

    3. From here right click on desired empty/Unallocated space and select Simple Volume.

    4. A wizard will open, click next and set the value for the partition in MB

    I havent tries this method. I used easeus. This should work though.
    Hi. Today i bought my i5 samsung laptop. 1st question is how to game, i mean while gaming shall i remove the battery? Or just leave the battery in laptop but connect the adapter? I have lot of question like how to repartition it? I want to make c:/ drive 100 but i don't have partition manager. No internet too to download. This is via nokia c2 reliance 2g.
    Just make sure the box is sealed. Check the specs of the machine,run some benchmarks and see if you are getting results similar to other owners,make sure the dvd player is running and so one.
    Hi.could you help me? 2mrw or day after 2mrw i am going to buy i5 version laptop. So if you could tell me what things i should be watching carefully before bringing the package home. Like seal should not be broken. Other things like this. Vendor is giving me for 51000.
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