dvd reader problem

Utkarsh Malik

Right off the assembly line
first of all my dvd reader tray does'nt opens
and to open it i have to bang on it two times
when opens i place a dvd on it and close it .
it goes in and comes out .i have to push it in sevral times then it reads the dvd
how can i solve this problem
thanks in advance


The drive tray mechanism is at fault..
when the tray seems to have been withdrawn and then it spits out the dvd again, internally what happens is that the tray has not reached /signaled the logic board that its at its "closed/withdrawn" position and so the tray mechanism simply assumes that the cd is door is stuck -similar to when you mount a dvd incorrectly and the dvd door jams-
It can be caused due to many problems...a dying door eject motor, dirt clogging on the saw edge plastic rails of the tray, worn out/broken saw teeth(it happens!) or simply a mis-aligned tray.

^^^ btw do you have a habit of pushing the door shut rather than pressing the eject button? :p
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