1. saqib_khan

    double clicking on E: open's E: in another window

    Hi When I Double click on E: in My Computer it open's E: in another window. The rule is it must open on same window. When I right click on E: the first option it display's is Open(O) and then Autoplay, Search, Open, Explore. There r 3 drives on my hard disk. C: D: E: This problem...
  2. the.kaushik

    Can't access Google, gmail , orkut or any other Google sites using Dataone!!!

    Google problem!Is google server down! Guys are you all facing these problems.. Opening the default homepage of firefox takes lot of time and sometime timeout. or sometimes doesnot opens. Gtalk refuses to get a connection while same time you have a good internet speed...
  3. avtarkaint

    problem in opening any drive

    2. Whenever I double-click on any drive/folder in My Computer, a open with window opens. how to resolve this problem frnds.
  4. Krazy_About_Technology

    Safari 3.0.4 Released. Doing Quiet Well

    Hey Guys, It may come to you guys as an old news, but here it is. Apple's very own browser, Safari's beta refresh is released with version 3.0.4. Version 3.0.3 was given with Digit DVD this month. The last version had very high memory usage, and perhaps on my system only, crashed every here and...
  5. New

    Resoultion is not changing in Ubuntu

    Hi digitians.. I searched in the thread for changing the resolution in Ubuntu unfortunately i could't get it..Whenever I boot Ubuntu 7 using Dvd(digit june dvd) disktop opens with 600*800 resolution.I tried to change it in preference>desktop resolution,here it's showing only 600*800...
  6. The Conqueror

    Strange website problem

    Hi friends, I am facing a strange problem:mad: Every time I type a name of website/open a website in any browser, it says SERVER NOT FOUND.If i Refresh the page for 2-3 times it opens..... is it some spyware/virus ? if yes then plz tell me the name of virus/spyware
  7. quan chi

    problem with icons.please post your suggestions.

    guys suddenly the video and audio icons which opens with windows media player or winamp has changed to this.previously these files showed the icons (image)of the player which opens it. well how to get those previous audio and video icon images.please help. this is very irritating. well if i...
  8. bharat_r

    Double clicking on disk drives open cmd prompt

    When I double click on any drive in My Computer a command prompt window opens instead of that drive opening. But when I right click on it & select Open/Explore ,the drive opens. Please tell me how to fix this problem Thanks.
  9. J

    Not Opening Default Homepage

    i set as the default homepage of I.E.7 ... but when i click I.E, it opens not google. pls help
  10. M

    gmail too slow..!!

    guys i have a problem come up..!! whenever i open the gmail website in mah opens up takes a hell lot of a time to get me logged in...while the same website with the same browser(firefox) in other pcs works just fine...and also evry othr website opens up in the normal time frame...
  11. rahul_jaiswal31

    this prob will make me die

    wen i want to open local disk drive except c it disp. strange msg "f:/ access is denied" but it opens wen i rite click it & select open.wht shud i do? dont suggest 2 format. plsss help:|
  12. A

    windows xp prob..

    hi guys. i am having a problem in windows xp.whenever i log into the computer it automatically opens my documents and then suddenly log off.can you help me out.
  13. Ganeshkumar

    What is this Spyware?

    Hi In My IE7, when I search with some Keywoard in my home page i.e. google! then it automatically opens a new window with some ads.... for eg. if i search with keyword.. joke it happens...:confused: or even some times adult related links is also automaticall opens!! Wat is this...
  14. blackpearl

    Cannot play Cellfactor Revolution

    This may sound silly, but I don't know how to start the game!! The game exe opens allright and I get the main menu screen. But after that all the sub menus are blank. For example, the Game Option menu opens but there is nothing under it. Similarly, there is a Tutorial section which opens but...
  15. debsuvra

    Want a demonoid invitation

    Hi guys! I badly needs a invitation.:( As I tried to register they said the registration is closed and it only opens for the first few days of a month.:mad: :mad: :mad: Please send me an invitation.
  16. M

    Cool Firefox Tricks That Might Make You Crazy ..

    Firefox is famous for its addons, but here are some of the tricks that can be performed without any addons.These tricks might not be of any use, but these are good just for the fun sake. Here are these tricks. Just paste these into the address bar and press enter . Enjoy !!! *...
  17. chicha


    I am using BSNL 500 plan. my pc seems to have to virus which opens the dialup connection box and askes me to connect though i am online and even though i am on broadband. Some times a box opens giving me the option of connect and stay offline. when i cleck connect IE opens a p*$n site.
  18. lionheart133

    XML help

    hi, small help needed, i am coding using XML, i typed data in notepad and saved it as "disease.xml" but after saving,i open the file,it opens in notepad instead of in the browser. anyone out thr who could help
  19. Z

    :( Each folder opens in its own window?

    :( In my WinXP Pro each folder opens in its own window not in the same window. This can't be treated through Folder Options>General Tab>Browse folders options. The problem arises from Folder Options>File Types Tab>registered file types settings
  20. adiCted

    ~!~ plz help wit this~!~

    when i right click on a drive .. some characters show up in place of open and explore.. n when i click , open with box opens up is it the cause of virus .. can anyone suggest me the tweaking for this problem..
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