1. Digit-Brand

    Honor 10 vs OnePlus 6: Post your opinions!

    Participate in our Honor discussions, post your opinions, get likes on your posts and stand to win an Honor 10 worth ₹33,000 & up to ₹70,000 PayTM cash! One of the biggest competitors to the Honor 10 is the OnePlus 6. Not only do both smartphones feature a notched display, but both...
  2. Nuvpreet

    Buying new phone under 35k

    Looking for a New phone under 35k have shortlisted one plus 5t and LG g6 Priorities are camera and general user experience I have heard that the Snapdragon 821 doens't really make a difference in terms of day to day performance for now plus I'm not really a heavy apps user on phone I'm open to...
  3. Zangetsu

    OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks

    A group of XDA developers have confirmed that OnePlus and Meizu are cheating on benchmarks. OnePlus has even admitted as much and promises to not do it in the future. Source: OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks; OnePlus promises to stop – Tech
  4. C

    Need Tempered glass for Oneplus 2

    I have a Oneplus two 64 GB(One of the very first units in India) I've been using for almost one and half years now. I bought an original tempered glass with the phone and it has served me well. However, a week ago, I had a minor accident, and the glass shattered. And it seems that Oneplus has...
  5. mitraark

    VR Headset for OnePlus 3

    Just used a friends Lenovo ANTVR Headset recently with my OnePlus 3 and was really blown away by the 180 and 360 videos. I think it'd be nice to own one myself. Need to know which VR would be the best buy considering quality and VFM factor? Should I go with the ones with headphones as well ...
  6. A

    Best smartphone in restricted budget of under 25,000

    I can get a OnePlus 3 (refurbished) in sub 25K from amazon. Is it good step to take though? If not, which smartphone would be the best in the stated budget?
  7. izzikio_rage

    VoLTE for OP2 : Twitter Campaign

    Guess Oneplus disappeared after saying that they would give the OP2 an OTA with VoLTE support. Trying to get them to act on this. If there are any OP2 users here, can we get #VoLTEforOP2 to trend on twitter? or atleast remind Oneplus to help us out.
  8. J

    Oneplus 3 Screen protector and Case

    Hello, My Sister in law just bought Oneplus 3 but the stock screen protector is not that good, it gets smudgy a lot with finger prints easily. So I need good quality Screen protector/Tempered glass which must be well smudge proof atleast. And please suggest some case to protect the camera...
  9. Neeraj J

    OnePlus One IMEI gone

    Hey Friends, I have OnePlus One, which one day I perform reset from boot loader. Now my phone booting normally but can't accpet any SIM. As I checked in settings IMEI information is gone. I don't have any nandroid backup. I have gone to Service Center with original bill and only thing they...
  10. C

    Android for around 20k

    1. Budget? - 20k +- 2k 2. Display type and size? - Doesn't matter much, but should have a good ppi 3. Dual sim? - Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? - OnePlus, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, (Samsung is a big no) 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? - Doesn't matter. Can...
  11. T

    [Video] OnePlus 3 Review: A True Flagship at Mid-Range Price

    Hey guys... I have just posted the review of the OnePlus 3 on my Youtube Channel, so though why not share it with all you guys... So, here is the review: I hope you guys find it useful :) If you did, please do LIKE the video and SHARE it among your...
  12. ssb1551

    Battery pack for OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 2

    I know its the wrong sub-forum (I'll be really grateful if someone can direct me to the relevant section) but I would like to know if we can get battery packs for OnePlus 3? You know the likes which act as phone case or cover but pack an additional battery. If not for OnePlus 3 then any...
  13. Zangetsu

    OnePlus 3 launched today

    Its price in India has been revealed ahead of the official announcement. According to an advertisement published in English daily Hindustan Times, the OnePlus 3 will be priced at Rs. 27,999 and will be available exclusively via Amazon India. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, fingerprint...
  14. Dr. House

    Oneplus 2 screen broke! buying replacement digitizer

    Hello! guys, yesterday my Oneplus 2 dropped from 2 feet in my hospital with a patient. The display has single diagonal hairline crack on top right side. Damn! I was not using tempered glass or any kind of scratch guard. Also I was facing LCD mura issue (white dots background) since a week or so...
  15. deadnoun

    OnePlus 3 AnTuTu Benchmark.

    OnePlus 3 is the one of the most awaited phone in the market now. The benchmark of the OP3 has been released by the AnTuTu benchmark yesterday. But the Official syrroundings of OP3 were saying that it was a rumour.
  16. Ironman

    If i want to sell a OnePlus X Invite , how much should i ask ?

    Suppose i have a OnePlus X Invite And i want to sell it. how much should i ask for it ? Not gonna give it away for free ...
  17. Ironman

    [Query] If i want to sell a OnePlus X Invite , how much should i ask ?

    Suppose i have a OnePlus X Invite And i want to sell it. how much should i ask for it ? Not gonna give it away for free ...:razz:
  18. G

    Oneplus x invite

    I want oneplusx invite if anyone have pm me. thank you
  19. HE-MAN

    [For Sale] Oneplus One Case

    1. Model number and details: oneplus one case 2. Date of purchase: sep 2015 3. Reason for sale: not needed anymore not used at all sealed pack 4. Warranty details: no 5. Expected Price: 500 per case. 2 available 6. Location of Seller: Nagpur, Maharashtra 7. Shipping : buyer preferred and at...
  20. A

    help with old and new nexus 5

    Need help for my friend.. My friend's nexus 5 got water damaged, he used N5 for 1 year till jan 2015, after that he did not purchased any device.. He wanted to buy oneplus one but because of same hardware/performance he dropped idea of buying oneplus 1.. After sd801, oneplus one, decided to...
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