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Need help for my friend.. My friend's nexus 5 got water damaged, he used N5 for 1 year till jan 2015, after that he did not purchased any device.. He wanted to buy oneplus one but because of same hardware/performance he dropped idea of buying oneplus 1..
After sd801, oneplus one, decided to wait for next oneplus device. But sd810 heating issue, again oneplus 2 dropped.. Some says there is heating, some says there is no heating... What should he do now? He wants mobile badly, but he can wait for new nexus if hardware is more than sd810...
As there are no good device which created hype as big as sd800. So i told him to wait for 1 more year and get sd820 device next year.
Please guide him.

other thing he wants to repair (chip level) or sell (no bhangarwala) water damaged nexus 5.

1. Suggest chip level repair shop in mumbai for nexus 5 found one repair shop online in Goregaon, mumbai but it's closed for now onwards. Please suggest some good shops.

2. Other thing is that he wants to sell his n5, he heard that, bhangarwala giveyou 100-200rs for dead device.. But bhangarwala gets good price for that dead device by selling it to right person.I mean to say some company take yourdead device and give you good money for working parts. Please suggest some
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Go to Manish market next to vt station . They repair all sorts of phones there . Also all spares are available there too .
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