Buying new phone under 35k


Right off the assembly line
Looking for a New phone under 35k have shortlisted one plus 5t and LG g6
Priorities are camera and general user experience
I have heard that the Snapdragon 821 doens't really make a difference in terms of day to day performance for now plus I'm not really a heavy apps user on phone I'm open to other options also provided they are under 35k thanks


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I bought LG G6 few weeks back. Happy with the device. I bought it over OnePlus 5 (at that time 5T wasn't launched) probably just because I didn't want Chinese. Korean LG was the only way to go, since in this price point there wasn't much choice.

But there's something you need to be aware of about LG G6. It has lots of issues. Some of which are following:
1. Non stock UI. Atleast on OnePlus 5, UI is more closer to stock with its Oxygen OS. (For me I could choose to install different launcher. It helps but not that much. Nothing is great than stock UI.)
2. LG bloat: G6 have many apps. Many of them you can disable. Some of which is actually useful like quickmemo which lets you take quick screenshots from software button and share them.
3. Poor Selfie cam: I am not a selfie guy, so the mediocre 5 MP front cam doesn't bother me. For me the rear camera which excels. Since one of them is wide screen cam and which is what I prefer instead of telephoto cam like on One Plus 5, I like it. BUT, 5T supposedly have wide angle cameras. So you might want to compare photo quality between LG G6 with that of OnePlus 5T. Pics with LG G6 is great, but it have one caveat which I will discuss soon.
4. Software updates: Updates aren't as frequent as many would like. As of now, my phone is on 7.0. And security patch level is October 1, 2017. (It's December for G6 owners in some countries). For the next iteration of phone from LG, the LG V30, even Oreo (Android 8.0) is out. Some say G6 will also get Oreo soon. But as of now no news.

Some issues which I came to know after buying G6:
1. Camera glass prone to crack:
Many G6 owners claim that the camera glass is prone to self crack after some time. Speculation is that if you use flash for much time, the heat and rapidly cooling leads to the camera glass to shatter. Fortunately it's easy to fix. But the fix might compromise the water proofing of phone if done wrong. Here's the reddit thread discussing this: So after a month of enjoyment, the camera glass just gave up. Never dropped the phone. Didn't bump into anything. • r/lgg6
For me, I just try not to use flash as torch altogether for the fear of it.

2. Wide angle camera issue:
LG G6 comes with 2 versions of wide angle camera module, one has poor image quality. One with 2.01 focal length and other inferior with 2.09 focal length. The wide angle pics taken from the 2.09 focal length camera has bad blurry on the edges. The issue is not THAT bad. But it's there. You can refer the thread on Reddit in r/lgg6 to know specifics. LG G6 is produced with 2 versions of wide angle camera module, one has poor image quality • r/lgg6
My review on this issue on Customer Review

My attempt is not to deter you from considering LG G6, but I want you to have understanding of what will you get into if you go with G6. For 5T I can't say much. None can. Since many issue do crop it months after actual launch.

Personally I still wouldn't trade my G6 for OnePlus. I love my G6.
OP 5T & G6 are both great devices.

Get G6, if:
- You hate stock android
- Want better rear cameras (G6's cameras are more useful than 5T's considering they even removed the zoom lens now)
- Better brand value & support (LG is a bigger brand)
- Waterproof

Get OP 5T, if:
- You love stock android
- Want great selfie camera
- Hates glass back phones. Metal build is better IMO
- Want to brag about S835 (You would observe better performance in games though, otherwise no observable difference between 821 & 835).

Comparing displays is tough because G6 has a great LCD display with HDR & Dolby Vision certification (HDR videos do look better compared to normal ones) but 5T has a AMOLED display, so better blacks. 1080p is sufficient for a smartphone, I never observed a difference between 1080p & 1440p display except for more battery draw.
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