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Have a One Plus X invite. Have shared it on my blog. Link in my signature below.

P.S. Have One Plus 2 invites as well. If anyone wants, I'll share them directly on my blog or via PM.
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Guys, i got my OPX today, after delivery, I should have been rewarded with a shareable invite if I'm not wrong? But I cant find it in my OP account. Any guesses?


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Lol, saw this under the OnePlux X listing:

Get a OnePlus X Invite: Give a missed call on +91 8010775577

This invite system is utter rubbish.


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did you mean if I had added external storage?

There's a bug in the latest ota, sd card doesn't show up under Android storage options. Hence no app to sd, apps like camera can't use the sd card. You can browse the card with file explorer apps only if you format to ntfs. The bug has not been fixed yet.


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Did you know that OnePlus 2 doesn't require an invite now ?! You can directly visit the Amazon official store and buy it without an invite.. :)
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