1. F

    Mobile under 25k- is Oneplus 2 worth buying??

    1. Budget? 25K 2. Display type and size? Full HD 5"-5.5" 3. Dual sim? If yes, good. doesn't really matter since i can still use my N4 as 2nd mobile 4. Preferred choice of brand? No preference 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? 13 MP back, 5 MP front. (not really...
  2. Dr. House

    Oneplus 2 vs Nexus 6 (25k budget)

    1. Budget? 25k 2. Display type and size? 5.5-6" 3. Dual sim? No 4. Preferred choice of brand? No 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Best camera 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). Latest 7. Preferred connectivity options (3G, 4G ready). 4G...
  3. RCuber

    Official OnePlus 2 Discussion Thread

    * VR App OnePlus 2 Invites *
  4. S

    Book your OnePlus Two now and get in queue for free invite.

    As we all knows that OnePlus is sticking with the invite system for its new phone, the OnePlus 2. They have rolled out the new invite system few moments ago. You can register yourself in the list to get an invite. To Register go to:- * Scroll Down and enter your email and...
  5. markerOne

    Android phone under 30000 INR

    1. Budget? 30,000 INR can stretch upto 32000 INR. 2. Display type and size? IPS and minimum of 5 inches 3. Dual sim? Optional 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, OnePlus, HTC, LG 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Flash, front camera doesn't matter...
  6. sksundram

    OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank Concise Review

    OnePlus launched the 10000 mAh powerbank on May 11, 2015 in India through its online partner, But thanks to a fiasco by Amazon, the OP powerbank page went live a day before the official launch. But this was not the disastrous part. It was the launch price of sub-1K (INR 997 to be...
  7. P

    A new OnePlus 2 is coming, along with an even cheaper model, apparently!!!!

    OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015! Guys am too excited!!!!!!! OnePlus 2 and a cheaper model both expected in 2015 | TechnoBuffalo Help Wanted: 25-Year-Old’s Phone Startup Seeks VC Funds - Bloomberg Business
  8. Gaurav

    buying one plus one

    Hi Friends, I am thinking of buying oneplus one. Is it true that this device is having issues as I found on it's forum like low volume while calling, heating up while charging/browsing/gaming, frequent app crashes and poor customer service (lack of spare parts available with service centre...
  9. Flake

    Samsung S5 for 25,000/- OR OnePlus One? Confused.

    My friend bought Samsung S5, G900F from Bangkok. It was a gift for someone but he not going to gift it now ( Personal reasons :razz:). He asked me if I am willing to buy it for 25,000/- Its a sealed box and he said that if I don't like it even after using for 2 weeks, he will take it back. I am...
  10. GamerSlayer

    Yu Yureka vs Moto E

    Guys, I know that there hasn't been a lot of information about the yu yureka but I know that there are some tech veterans here who can judge a phone by taking a look at its specs and a short video. I am in a position to buy a phone under 10k and so I have short listed these two phones. FYI, I...
  11. amjath

    OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64GB Review - Crafted to Perfection [Raw images bandwidth warning]

    OnePlus One Sandstone Black 64GB Review I waited 6 months for my first phone Samsung Galaxy S2 for the Indian launch and I bought it on the 2nd or 3rd day from the launch. So again I waited ~6 months for OnePlus One to launch in India and I bought it on 3rd day from the launch. Any...
  12. sushovan

    OnePlus gets banned from selling devices in India

    After Xiaomi it's OnePlus' turn in India to face the banhammer. The Delhi High Court has banned the Chinese company from importing and selling OnePlus One in India. Although the ban comes shortly after the Xiaomi case (which has been temporarily resolved), the two are for very different...
  13. Dr. House

    OnePlus One Thread

    OnePlus One detailed specifications GENERAL Release date April 2014 Form factor Touchscreen Dimensions (mm) 152.90 x 75.90 x 8.90 Weight (g) 162.00 Battery capacity (mAh) 3100 Removable battery No Bundled accessories Charger, cable Colours Sandstone Black, Silk White DISPLAY Screen size...
  14. Dangerous Dave

    OnePlus One Launch Event

    OnePlus One launch event is scheduled on 2nd December 2014 in New Delhi. Anyone in Digit who got invitation to attend the event. I got invitation :-) . I am very excited to meet you if you are coming. The link for invitation is in attachment below.
  15. E

    Why OnePlus is not making any profit off the One: an interview with Carl Pei, Director for OnePlus

    Disclaimer: You may spend considerable time reading this. So, prepare accordingly and keep calm (Source)
  16. sksundram

    One Plus One and mi3 available on Amazon

    OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi3 now available on Excerpt : If you were planning to buy the OnePlus One handset, here is some good news. The OnePlus one and the Xiaomi Mi3 are now listed and available on for Rs. 34,500 and Rs. 37,450 respectively.
  17. aloodum

    The Flagship Killer - Oneplus

    Apologies in advance if a duplicate thread exists: Of late the phone market has been abuzz with talks of a giant killer- a powerful device at economical price, with enough grunt to floor the flagship models of current day. Finally the specs and pricing been revealed : A phone theoretically...
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