1. D

    Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes pulled out of circulation immediately: PM Narendra Modi

    Currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations will not be legal tender beginning November 9. This was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a special address to the nation on Tuesday evening. He said the move was aimed at curbing the negative impact of fake currency, black money...
  2. vedula.k95

    How to create a chain email system?

    Hey guys good eve,and i have a bit of problem here,actually my class lecturer decided to send email of LAB notes to everyone so one noob made a public Gmail id and he gave the username and password to everyone :lol: now whenever lecturer sends notes some selfish ****s download and delete's the...
  3. Faun

    Perfumes Discussion Generals - Scorching hot summer time !

    I don't have much experience but it's better to start with something and build on that. Lets make it a repository for all things specific to India. A good perfume usually includes 3 Notes Categorizing ingredients based on the season. Not necessarily hard and fast rule as lowest notes are...
  4. Akira

    IMPORTANT: Reserve Bank to withdraw all pre-2005 currency notes from circulation

    WTF????:shock::shock::mad: I get that this is supposed to curb the black money(which, face it-everyone in India has), but seriously, this will be a big hassle. Now you'll have to check every note to see whether it's older than 2005. :enforcer::facepalm: How many notes will the rich...
  5. koolent

    Unbalanced bass from Philips SHE7000s.

    So, I bought these a little while ago and they are like this since the beginning, the left driver works perfectly fine while the right driver has problem when bassy, low frequency notes kick in. It plays them but with much less volume than the left driver creating an imbalance which is just...
  6. sling-shot

    Suggestion for Android application developers

    Recently I have bought my first Android device in the form a Sony Xperia ZR. I have been using its in-built Notes application. The good points regarding this are : [1] It has a widget that does not occupy the full screen. It occupies may be around 1/4th of the screen area of this phone. This...
  7. Chetan1991


    Not complete courses, but notes; summaries of the courses. The kind that would help the last week warriors to pass exams. We can create a compilation here. I need notes for: Software management Digital Signal Processing Numerical Analysis
  8. ssb1551

    Can the Chats in WatsApp be transferred to another Phone?

    Hi All, didn't know where to post this query so thought thus is the apt place. I've Motorola RIX 2 in whimchats with my friends are stored. Now I wanna transfer all these chats to S III. So can I do this? I've already synced my ATRIX 2 to my mail id. Also I use an app called Som Note to save...
  9. S

    Tablet for architecture student - NOT Wacom! - Budget 20000

    Hi, Architecture student here, been wanting to get a tablet for some time now, I'll prolly be able to convince my parents to buy one for me by June when I'll be starting the third year. I'll say first off that I'm practically drooling over the Nexus 7 - but I'm open to other options. :razz...
  10. A

    A device which helps in taking notes in lectures specially

    Sir, i want to buy a device which i can use any where for taking notes, remainders. my budget is flexible. Best in least price. Thanks, Chetan
  11. codename_romeo

    Configuring company mail on Iphone 3GS

    Hey fellow forum members I wanted to configure my company mail on my iPhone 3GS. We use lotus notes for the company mail. Can someone help me with the same?
  12. Desmond

    Currency with RFID tags?

    I've been thinking about all the corruption that is plaguing our nation today. This mostly happens due to the facilities to move money unnoticed, thus resulting in accumulation of large amounts by a few individuals without anyone getting a sniff of what's going on. Therefore, I was wondering...
  13. JojoTheDragon

    Fedora 16 Launched

    Launched : November 8, 2011 Installation Requirements: Main Features : Complete Release notes: Release Notes Using it since last 2 days. Its awesome and much better than Ubuntu 11.10.
  14. S

    mobile phone repair books

    i am searching for some mobile phone books...(better if ebook) or some manuals... training notes will also do any one has it? thanks for help can pm me with the link ....thanks
  15. eggman

    Beatles remastered and Rock Band'd!

    Read the full story here: * The Game Trailer: *
  16. s_arka_r

    Transfering stuff to new phone

    Hi guys!!!! i have a nokia 6630 ( symbian s60 v2). m planning to buy nokia n86 or e71 or e75.... is there any usable n fast solution to transfer CONTACTS & SMS's & notes from my old cell to the new one???? can nokia PC suite help in any way????
  17. M

    Mozilla Firefox v3.0.11 - Final

    What's new in Firefox 3.0.11 and Release Notes here: * * Setup 3.0.11.exe
  18. choudang

    Internal mail access by externally

    Dear All, First of all, i don't know about the correct category for this post and I hope it is not illegal either. The scenario is, we are having internal mail based on Lotus Notes, and i want to use my mail thru thunderbird or mobile. Earlier, i thot it is not possible, but after thinking the...
  19. T

    Zimbabwe to issue 100m dollar note!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zimbabwe has issued three new denominations of banknotes, including a one-hundred-million-dollar note, as the impoverished country struggles to cope with runaway inflation, state media reported on Wednesday. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) said the release of the new notes followed a...
  20. H

    Fedora 10 is out and out to Rock!

    Yeah, that is the title a co-Fed user actually suggested me to use as the title on IRC ;) SOURCE: * Release Notes: * Download: * Direct torrents: *
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