1. zacfx05

    Regarding PSU and Native Redolution

    Hi Guys I have three questions :) I have a Dell IN2020 Monitor and the native resolution is 1600x900. Recently I hooked up it with my new CPU which has a GTX 750 Ti GPU using the VGA-DVI adapter to the DVI port of the GPU. The Machine is running windows 10. As the CPU assembling and OS...
  2. V

    Monitor Native Resolution.

    I read somewhere that the max. resolution that a monitor can display is called the native resolution. However the nvidia control panel marks 1280x768 as my native resolution and at the same time it allows me to set resolutions upto 1600×1024. In some resolutions above 1280x768. the monitor...
  3. pkkumarcool

    Playing games on higher res. than monitor native

    Does it effect your monitor,gpu or gaming performance if u play games on more than native resolution i mean will it lag more?
  4. rickenjus

    netbean error

    I'm trying to run a html5 project on netbeans But getting this error each time - "Port value out of range:65536" I tried changing browser and native webkit but no luck, problem still persists.. I also tried running demo project but result is same. any solution..???
  5. thetechfreak

    Firefox for Android goes Native

    Firefox for Android goes Native
  6. manu_saraswat

    Budget gpu for crysis2

    guys this is my first post though the forum has been helping me for quite some time now well coming to the piont i going home for 2 months and my old pc back home isn't just fit for my new games as my specs are CPU- AMD Athalalon II 64 x4 630 ie. quad core @ 3.1ghz (yes it's overclocked) Ram-...
  7. avichandana20000


    can any one help me in getting a convent educated lady who can teach my 4 yr daughter spoken english? The teacher needs to work hard as she is very much influenced by her native language bengali. Both me and my wife are busy throughout the day. place kolkata.
  8. Baker

    Is technology really affecting our Human Skills

    first of all am not here for any debate..... am just putting my 2 real time experince... 1:last week i went to our village office in my native , it is for getting some approval for house construction , for that i need to write a request on paper.. after leaving my college it was the first...
  9. sygeek

    Google to rebuild Chrome on secure foundation

    Visit this link for the full article
  10. N


  11. NewsBytes

    Emscripten brings C++ code to web applications

    A project by Alon Zakai, of the Mobile Team at Mozilla, called Emscripten could ease a lot of work for those "porting" their native application to run on the web. Emscripten is an LLVM to JavaScript compiler; meaning that is can take LLVM bytecode, which can be generated from any language that...
  12. rajhot

    YouTube goes native for S60 3rd Edition !

    Hot on the heels of their new Mobile site, YouTube has now also released an official (native) S60 client application. It is compatible with most S60 3rd Edition phones. The video quality is good, and looks to have been optimised for QVGA screen resolution. There's a basic interface to browse and...
  13. ironfreak

    best method to convert mkv into TV playable format

    I've dozens of .mkv motion pictures i.e those HD ripped.... Which is best among this is the best format to play on TV- MP4 (i think recognized by X360 right?) AVI (DivX or anything else) Which of the above will best maintain the quality of the native ? And which software programs to use ...
  14. S

    AMD’s upcoming 45nm quad core CPU works both as DDR2/3

  15. R

    Using the s-video output

    Hi... I recently purchased a 4 pin s-video cable with an idea to connect my dell laptop with Intel 945GM having a s-video jack to my Philips TV. The model is pretty old, so I dont expect it to support any resolution more than 640*480. But, I am not able to set a resolution less than 800*600 in...
  16. B

    Problem with Viewsonic VG 1921 WM!!

    :-( Please help me out friends. I have been using the Viewsonic Widescreen for almost 4-5 months now. I am facing the below problems : 1) Whenever my machine illegally shuts down, the native resolution changes from 1440*900 to 800*600. I cant figure it out why this is happenning...
  17. aryayush

    First Third-party Native iPhone Application Available Now

    Google Code is hosting the first third-party native application ever for the iPhone. A real full-fledged iPhone application with a graphic user interface and its own icon in the iPhone home screen. Yes, this is not a Web 2.0 app but the real thing, as you can see in the picture and in the video...
  18. M

    17" wide lcd driver?

    Hi all, I just got a acer AL 1702 w lcd with a native resolution of 1440 x 990. I have got amd 3000+ asus a8n vm. The lcd monitors resolution is currently set to 1024 x 768. And i cant seem to get that lcd native resolution on my computer screen, does asus a8n vm graphic support those...
  19. hailgautam

    Screen Resolution Change

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400, with 950 GMA graphics controller. The sereen resolution that I am getting is 1024x768, and not the native resolution of 1280x800, How do I Manually configure the setting LCD 1280x800@60Hz....
  20. R

    Suggest a gud LCD monitor 19 inch

    Please advice me on the following 1) a good 19 inch LCD monitor My budget is 17K 2) what is the native resolution of a 19 inch LCD monitor..?? 3) will my games look pathetic if i play them at a lower resolution than the native resolution..?? (I have Nvidia 7600GS GFX Card) 4) I want a...
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