1. Flash

    NASA Just Released a Bunch of Its Software for Free

    NASA has just released its 2017-2018 software catalogue, and everything is available for free download, without any royalty or copyright fees. This is the third time NASA has released such a compilation as part of its Technology Transfer Program. The catalogue includes a tonne of software...
  2. Cyberghost

    Buddha Statue Spotted On Mars ... Or Is It Just A Rock Formation?

    A "Buddha"-like statue has been spotted on Mars (above image) and, according to the headline about it on, it's "held up as 'proof' that intelligent life existed there." Following the thread of this story leads to some questionable facts that suggest the red planet is covered in...
  3. Cyberghost

    PICTURES: NASA Releases 8,400 Hi-resolution Images of Apollo Moon Missions

    NASA has released 8400 hi-resolution images of iconic Apollo Moon Missions on Flicker. NASA made available every photo taken by astronauts on Apollo Moon Missions on the project Apollo Archive‘s Flickr account, the collection contains original NASA photo scans. The Apollo astronauts took...
  4. Cyberghost

    NASA Launches Carbon Satellite After 2009 Failure

    A rocket carrying a NASA satellite lit up the pre-dawn skies Wednesday on a mission to track atmospheric carbon dioxide, the chief culprit behind global warming. The Delta 2 rocket blasted off from California at 2:56 a.m. and released the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite in low-Earth...
  5. Desmond

    ISRO to launch first Mars orbiter on 28th October

    Why was this under wraps and we come to know of it only now? This is huge! Source : India Pic gallery : India's First Mars Mission in Pictures (Gallery) |
  6. Flash

    NASA: A Giant leap for the Frogkind

    It was snapped by one of NASA's remote cameras during last week's launch of the LADEE spacecraft at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. "The photo team confirms the frog is real and was captured in a single frame by one of the remote cameras used to photograph the launch," NASA explains in...
  7. Vyom

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award
  8. vickybat

    NASA discovers new solar system

    Yes guys, you read it correct. NASA has discovered a new solar system which has a star like our sun with 6 planets orbiting around it. They are orbiting around their star in a circular path rather than an eliptical one like in our case. Check this MASS EFFECT SEEMS TO BE TRUE AFTER THIS...
  9. clmlbx

    Send Your Photos To "Space"

    NASA is inviting the public to send their portrait into space aboard one of the two remaining space shuttle flights. To participate, upload your picture to a NASA website: NASA Face in Space Source:- Here's your chance to get your face in space - Yahoo! India News
  10. cyber

    post the best jokes here

    a few jokes by me, :p during his grandmother's 80th birthday party,young mike greeted his gradmother with a kiss."happy birthday"grandma! "thank u" she said "how old were u last birthday" mike frowned:"i was seven but i hope it wasn't my last". :pTwo hunters are out in the woods when one of...
  11. Worried From Bugs

    NASA instrument on Chandrayaan finds minerals on moon

    Bangalore (IANS): The moon mineralogy mapper (M3), a scientific instrument of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) onboard India's first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1, found iron-bearing minerals on the lunar surface, the US space agency said on Thursday. "The mapper...
  12. S

    Put you name on NASA spacecraft (not Spam)

    hi.. i found out this cool thing on NASA.. they wud be launching a mission to search for earth like planets... in 2009.. so they gave out everyone an wonderful oppurtunity to send their names along with the spacecraft.. i got this certificate after this.. i want all my blog readers to do...
  13. M

    Self-healing computers for NASA spacecraft

    As you can guess, hardwired computer systems are much faster than general-purpose ones because they are designed to do a single task. But when they fail, they need to be totally reconfigured. This can be just a costly problem in a lab on Earth, but it can be vital in space. This is why a...
  14. softhunterdevil

    Send your name to Moon : NASA

    SEND YOUR NAME TO MOON!!! Its no joke The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is NASA’s next big mission to the Moon, & it will launch later this year. It will carry a camera that will have 50 cm resolution on the surface of the Moon, a laser altimeter for mapping the lunar topology, a radiation...
  15. iinfi

    Earthquake prediction breakthrough close: NASA

    Source MORE NEWS
  16. prasad_den

    NASA and crysis....!! Is it possible..??

    It seems that NASA might finally accomplish what many now consider as near impossible -- run CRYSIS game at maximum settings. :D :D So if someone felt bad that their rig doesn't play Crysis, cheer up..! Even NASA is having similar problems......!! ;)
  17. Gigacore

    Avalanches on Mars surprise NASA astronomers

    NASA HiRISE camera, onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, was looking for frost when it snapped a first-time ever photograph of active avalanches near the north pole of the planet Mars. Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Candice Hansen, deputy principal investigator for the HiRISE mission stated, "We...
  18. Rockstar11

    NASA beams Beatles' "Across the Universe" to aliens

    LONDON (Reuters) - An intergalactic celebration of The Beatles is launched on Monday with the beaming of their peace anthem "Across the Universe" into outer space. The man behind the idea, which marks the 40th anniversary of the recording of the song in 1968, is an avid Beatles fan who has...
  19. iMav

    Automated Air Refueling Successful

    DARPA completes successful autonomous in-flight refueling without pilot intervention DARPA and NASA successfully completed a demonstration of an autonomous system for in-flight refueling -- a procedure that has become all too familiar for military pilots on extended missions. The...
  20. blackpearl

    NASA is altering true colours of Mars photos!!

    I should call this Breaking News. Evidence has arisen that proves that NASA has been tampering with the colour images of Mars and changing them from an Earth-like environment into a red inhospitable environment. Look at some of the pictures below: What happened? The blue has changed...
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