PICTURES: NASA Releases 8,400 Hi-resolution Images of Apollo Moon Missions


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NASA has released 8400 hi-resolution images of iconic Apollo Moon Missions on Flicker.

NASA made available every photo taken by astronauts on Apollo Moon Missions on the project Apollo Archive‘s Flickr account, the collection contains original NASA photo scans.

The Apollo astronauts took these pictures with their chest-mounted Hasselbald cameras, along with many other photos from Earth and lunar orbit.

Photos of Apollos 7,8,9,10 or 13 are yet to be released on Flickr. However, according to sources NASA will make them available soon.

Project Apollo Archive also showcasing rare image of Apollo 11 training photos.

Source: MF Monitor

Image Collection: Flickr Project Apollo


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Good move by NASA,nevertheless, we are more interested now about pics. on Mars,Pluto and other worlds....


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Is it just me or the albums are really slow to load. More so the pics. Did the Yahoo servers getting loaded due to so much load? :p
Anyway, world have moved to Mars. It's the case of too little too late. And the pics looks so Glamoured. Like those are shots from some Hollywood films.


Allllright !
^Experienced the same, horribly slow.

Images are absolutely stunning, but it would be very informative if each image had a small description or caption with it.
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