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suggest headphone - Music / audio


Cyborg Agent
I had look at a few headphones in market e.g. some brands like logitech.
Some seem to be designed more for chat and voice.

What are good options for music input and their general price range.

For cheaper options available like < 500 Rs, would such difference like music & voice etc really matter?

My existing one ( I guess Intex or so) has a cushion on earpiece that now comes off in small bits everytime in touches the skin!


It looks like you are looking for a cellphone headset, that is one with a microphone.
If not, then you need to first check if the device has a 3.5mm jack & can go for Sony/Philips/Panasonic available at sub Rs 500/- range. Yes, generally low cost earphones do not produce the output that an audiophile appreciates but they do produce decent output though.
It is quite normal for the cushion to come off after continued usage.
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