1. Pratik Pawar

    Ext HDD Problem

    Guys Help..:-( My PC just cant read my 1TB WD ext HDD. since yesterday, the msg comes, "USB device not recognised" its nearly 3 yr old, & I always used to keep it connected 24x7x365 occasionally it detects, but still then I cant access all folders, some seen empty. once I opened a movie, a...
  2. GhorMaanas

    a free, cross-platform app more suited for group-chat, and allowing PC sync & use

    [Solved!] x-pfm (incldng Win PC) apps for grp-chat, or/and using whatsapp on ph. & pc simultaneously Hello! am in need of an app for android, that: - lets me create a particular group, name the group and/or tweak settings for the group - can be accessed from PC too (Win 8.1), so that if am...
  3. R

    msg notification doesn't go even after reading it

    I have a galaxy core. The problem is minor but a problem is a problem. As you all know The msg icon in the home screen will show the no. of unread msgs if any. Now this number at the corner of the msg. icon should get erased after i read the msgs in the inbox. But its not. It only goes after i...
  4. D

    FREEPP error

    Dear digitians I'm using Ipad4 and i've installed FREEPP software. it was working fine before, but now i cant type(compose) in msg box. plz help me to solve this issue. thanks
  5. clinton

    Anonymous Strikes again!!

    U read it right..Anonymous this time has broken into the Official Party Website of Trinamool Congress(TMC).. * hav a look at d msg... Wonder whats coming in d nxt fw days... Source:fb page of Anonymous India
  6. pramudit

    sms to customer care eating my balance/money

    today i was talking to somebody and when i ended call i was shock by my balance... it was about rs50 less then it shpuld be... then i thought that it must some app that i must have download by mistake but i checked every app and they were free.... then a msg came from aircel for using its...
  7. M

    any idea to SET MSG AUTO RESPOND???

    Experts, any smiple idea( cost effective) to set own MSG AUTO RESPONCE?? as we setting with mail id, i wish to set auto reply, with a same msg. now i am seeing lot of ads of MNC, for participating on msg contest, but i am sure that, they may be deals with lakhs.:0 hardly waiting...
  8. soyab0007

    phone under 1000rs

    looking for a basic phone for my office looking for max msg storage capacity and fm budget Rs1000
  9. R

    DNS error

    i can't open a particular shows me an error msg. "DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken." i m able to open this webpage from everywhr else...but not from my pc..i connect 2 internet via micromax 3g bnsl device..when i used this device on some other...
  10. choudang

    Spam Manager

    guys ... i am looking for a spam manager for S60 series to get rid of junk msgs [ndnc being helpless with promotional msgs]. i have tried with two namely Kaspersky and Nod32 but have some cons kaspersky: good spam manager for msg and calls. but when you black list a number for msg, msgs being...
  11. IronCruz

    Avast 5

    When i "right click" on any file or drive and "click", say for example "Scan E:\", it doesn't respond at all. No quick scan msg comes on the screen like in avast 4.8... please help me :cry:
  12. CA50

    Opera Woes

    I am using Opera 9.64 as my default browser, now whenever i start opera i am greated with this type of msg (image below) This is really very :-x:-xirritating:-x:-x, plz help
  13. lethalweaponforever

    Major phone error

    I have a real problem with my Moto W388....Recently its been acting very wierdly....if i try to send a msg, it says "Fail" and the msg. doesn't go....if i add pics to the memory card, the phone shows the pics but when i try to open them it says "unsupported file format".....if i take pics...
  14. R

    avmapp.exe? What is this?

    Hi, friends, What is this stuff in my system consumes lot of memory. How can I know? What's its symptoms? Is it a threat to my system? I tried to end the process in the Task Manager but msg displays can't. Please Help In My Task Manager Windows Image Name User Name CPU Mem Usage...
  15. S

    Very bad virus

    My pendrive got infected with a virus named dsncb.exe and sscchost.exe or something like that. That virus got into my computer when I inserted the pen drive. & now the virus has wrecked havoc in my computer!! My computer has been brought to its knees! Task Manager, Registry Editing, Folder...
  16. Zangetsu

    Help with AirTel GPRS...

    Hello, :D I purchased Airtel Life-Time prepaid...@399 my balance was 171.01 but after i activated the GPRS (by sendin the msg GPRSACT to 222) they deducted my balance by 15Rs...& i didn't get the Mobile Settings frm then which u get after u send the msg as MO to 25267 i...
  17. sushan

    Windows script host error again..y?

    Dear frens, I am facing the problem with windows script host error.When I log in to my pc with administrator rights, It always show “Cannot find the VB script engine C:\windows\system32\semtiantivirus.vbs and same with when I plug in the pen drive.I have got this problem earlier but I got...
  18. sushan

    Windows media player and search tab problem

    Dear fresns, I would appreciate if you find the solutions of my these problems,i am hanged up these? Everytime turn on the pc,i see the msg with " cannot find the extension .vbs file" Earlier, the msg comes with " cannot find the vb script c:\windows\system32\semiantivirus.vbs,for this i...
  19. masterpro

    Can't install VS2008 Pro trail

    when i want to install VS2008pro 90 day trail, it gives error msg "F:\vs_setup.msi could not be opened".why this happens.plz solve this problem.
  20. S

    Help needed with this "Disk Boot Failure" Error Msg

    Hi all, I got this msg "Disk boot failure" after i replaced my old motherboard with a new gigabyte motherboard. Do i need to install a fresh os or i need configure the bios? Plz help me to solve this issue
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