1. Cool Buddy

    cPanel's AWStats & Statcounter not matching for my wordpress blog

    I have a blog hosted on Wordpress platform. I have hardly updated the blog for over a year now. Even at its peak some 20 months earlier, it used to get a maximum of 25000 hits per month. However, I received an email from the hosting company (outpower hosting) a few days back telling me that my...
  2. izzikio_rage

    MotoG or better in same price range

    Hi guys Am planning to buy a MotoG this month. Is this a good purchase or are there some other phones i should be considering? My budget is about 13k
  3. mayanks_098

    [For Sale] Corsair 400r cabinet

    Model number and details: Corsair 400r Date of purchase: 14 Feb 2014 Reason for sale: Thinking of buying 600T or 750D Warranty details: 1 year 10 months left Expected Price: 5650 Location of Seller: NCR Hi I am planning to sell my Cordair 400r. The cabinet was bought less than 2 months ago from...
  4. Desmond

    GameSpy to shutdown next month.

    The end of another era? Source : GameSpy multiplayer service shutting down next month | PC Gamer I think current games that rely on GameSpy should move to Steamworks.
  5. r4gs

    SKOAR! feedback

    Hi guys, We've been working on keeping SKOAR! alive for a while now and the Digital edition on the DVD is its latest avatar. We've also gone ahead and released SKOAR! for free on Magzter starting this month (apologies for the aspect ratio of the current edition, we'll be adjusting it in...
  6. kARTechnology

    Help me choose a web hosting package

    i need to host a website. needs cpanel (so that i can edit myself, use a template and build the website.) space: 500mb+ (is this enough?, for few photos gallary and website stuff, will use youtube for videos if needed) visitors...
  7. H

    Airtel Broadband usage limits?

    Hello everyone...I live in Bhopal,M.P. recently, i subscribed to airtel broadband. The plan i subscribed was a 6 month plan with 5GB @ 1Mbps, and 256 kbps post that. for Rs 3100/- ( total amount for 6 months) As I'm a heavy downloader, i consume ~50GB per month. Sometimes, i download even...
  8. Nanducob

    Download videos from website

    Hi everyone, I know how to downlaod videos from website except this one.I got a trail off a website for one month which costs $16 which offers me videos and i can see them but cannot download it.The site look like this clicking on any tab(in blue colour)for example introduction gives me...
  9. C

    [Want to Buy] Want graphics card Radeon HD 7950 or 7970

    Any used Radeon HD 7950 or 7970 in good condition. PM me if you wanna sell one or if you've got one and don't want to sell now, but have plans to do so in a month or so. I'll take it. Preferably looking for one 7970 and one 7950.
  10. G

    Need advice on selling my GPU

    I am planning on selling my gtx 660 (this one to be exact) by next month. Bought it in this year February for exactly Rs 15000. It came with 3 years warranty and in the next month, about 2 years and 1 month warranty will be left. Have the bill and all. My questions are: 1. How should I sell it...
  11. R

    Need a good 3g connection for laptop

    Hi, I need a good prepaid/postpaid connection (datacard/dongle) to use with my laptop. I live in Gujarat but will be travelling to other states (potentially). However, I will be in Gujarat most of the time (about 70-80%) What I want is, good connectivity across major towns and atleast 1.5...
  12. A

    gtx 760 is it worth it?

    hello guyz i was buying gtx 760 but now its priced has jumped up to 22k so my question is that much money worth spending on just a gpu? and yes i have i5 2500k, with collermaster thunder 500w which i will change next month untill that i will use molex. so plzz tel me fast guyz u just answer...
  13. Nipun

    Need an all-in-one printer in 10k for occasional use.

    Hello, I need a printer for home-use, to be used once or twice in a month, for printing 10-15 pages of text + images on every use. My last printer from HP(8 years old) had a stupid driver and it irritated me very much. Looking for something with better software driver this time. Also, since...
  14. K

    Monitor for Console

    I am purchasing and xbox 360 or ps3 this month, please suggest a monitor under 15k. Preferally full hd.
  15. A


    Hello fellow members! Is it worth buying L2D2 [for 300rs on steam sale] and Borderlands 2 [for 900rs on gmg - steam activated ] ? Do we indians can play those games with decent pings to EU servers? As i have MTNL, i get insane-high pings to SEA countries because mtnl decided to route their...
  16. rst

    Help me choosing the broad band connection

    I am fed up with the 2G plan of tata docomo ,idea etc. I want to shift to broad band connection. Suggest me good broad band connection(BSNL.Airtel ,Reliance or any other). 1)I don't want any connectivity issue. 2)want to use 80GB per month 3)budget 2k per month for internet 4)speed atleast...
  17. rajivnedungadi

    Digit Regular Issues @ Rs.200/- each month, from July 2013 onwards

    Digit Regular Issues @ Rs.200/- each month, from July 2013 onwards. What Say?
  18. S

    need a gaming laptop within 65k

    only use will be gaming, gaming and gaming..i have zeroed on ideapad y500.i will be purchasing this by the end if this month 8-). any suggestions you guys..
  19. nikku_hot123

    Help me Getting my First DSLR for learning Photography

    Please help me choose a DSLR. My priority is learning Photography. Budget is max 25000/- My options are open with Second had Cams too.(Provided pros in this forum help me, coz i am skeptical about it as having no knowledge of checking condition of the camera). I am gonna purchase it last of...
  20. S


    HI i am planning to by a new cpu-mobo,ram combo for my pc this month and my budget is around 25-30k. i have heard of haswell cpu and z87 chipset motherboard coming this month so please guide which combo to buy. i am thinking of i5 4670 or 4570.Will INTEL 4TH GEN cpu be availble in delhi this...
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