1. rst

    Games this month

    PC games this months:- 1)Remember Me 2)Company Of Heroes 2 3)Dead pool 4)Ride To Hell . . . etc 1)what is your opinion about above listed game Is any body excited to buy above games I only found "the last of us" (But it is for PS3) Suggest me if there is any good game this...
  2. A

    eMail Hosting service

    What do you think of the following package for email hosting 5000 email at HK$ 300 for a month
  3. KiLL

    Help me regarding GALAXY GRAND.. ASAP..

    Im getting a second hand GALAXY GRAND for RS 12k.. Its a 1 month old set and in mint condition... Should i get it??
  4. R

    Need help buying mobile under 20000

    Well my budget is under 20000 i can do 2-3 thousand up also My first priority is gaming and web browing,rest all just not neccesory till now i thaught of some upcoming mobiles like HTC E1,Galaxy Express,Lumia 720,Xperia L.i can wait till half of month of april if anyone of this get...
  5. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    cost efficient printer

    guys i need a printer that saves money you see i need to print 5000 above pages every month therefore looking for something that's saves money budget is not a problem 5-50k in b/w and color don't need a scanner or anything extra just a printer
  6. A

    [For Sale] 10 month old Playbook 16GB

    Product Name: Playbook 16GB WiFi Expected Price: Rs 6000 Cash Shipping charges : nill ( Mumbai ppl only) Manufacturer page URL: BlackBerry - PlayBook Specs - New RIM PlayBook Tablet - India Description if any: no single scratch on screen or back (some scratch on screen guard )...
  7. B


    My system just shows a bsod and restarts within 10 seconds after i start the system. Is this a problem of psu? Mine is an iball 450w... I will change it in a month anyhow, buying corsair. But i need to lnow the reason of bsod. Please help.
  8. freshseasons

    Rs 600 per month enough to feed family of five: Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit

    Source: Rs 600 per month enough to feed family of five: Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit- Politics News- IBNLive Has the government of this country really left with some perception of Reality ?
  9. A

    ACIII vs Far Cry 3 vs Hitman - Absolution.

    Three major games are releasing in this month or next month. I am really confused to go for which game. And can afford only one game. I am allways a fan of Hitman's Stealth. Also AC series, and heard that its multiplayer is very good. Now come Far Cry 3 . It have some good review on SP and...
  10. webgenius

    Should I invest in an apartment now?

    Hi guys, I'm 26.5 years old. I stay with my parents, brother, sis-is-law and nephew in our own house. In total, there are 6 members in our house. I work in a reputed MNC and my take home is around 75k per month. I have 24L of liquid cash. I'm thinking of investing in an apartment now...
  11. B

    Nintendo wii U to go on sale in Japan by end of month

    Nintendo wii U to go on sale in Japan by end of month Also Nintendo's Wii U games console will be sold at a loss That's the strategy to win the market in tough times :) Source bbc
  12. TechnoHolic

    Need led monitor suggestions

    I've decided to buy a new LED Monitor very soon...Can anyone suggest some good models (with price) of LG/SAMSUNG/DELL. I WILL BUY SOON AFTER THIS MONTH..NEED YOUR VALUABLE REPLY SOON..PLEASE. My Budget is around 6500 to 7500.
  13. CommanderShawnzer

    MTNL Compatible ADSL Router

    Anyone know about a good MTNL Broadband Compatible ADSL Router?? since i dont want to pay rs50 a month for MTNL ROUTER can i use wi-fi using this router?
  14. RCuber

    BSNL to launch 'Fiber to Home' for high speed internet

    BSNL to launch 'Fiber to Home' for high speed Cost internet LMAO!!! they cant even get the spelling right 'Fibre' ... at "Rs 84,000 per month" its either a typo or BSNL was out of their minds. Its suppose to be 'Fibre to Home' and 'Fibre to Filthy Rich' or 'Fiber to Enterprise' BSNL to...
  15. D

    Do i buy Micromax Funbook or not ?

    Hey guys i am thinking that i'll buy Micromax Funbook 7 inch in next month.Suggest me do i buy this or wait another till to next month, my budget is only rs.6500 so please help me what i do ?
  16. M

    Suggestion for a 46" LED TV

    Hi Folks, I am planning to buy a 46 inch LED tv in the coming month. After a month of research and surfing, I have narrowed down my options to SONY HX850 and SAMSUNG UA46ES7500. Could somebody be kind enough to clear my confusion here. Both the TVs look great but SAMSUNG has some features...
  17. Z

    How to get computer parts from US. One of my friend is coming from US next month

    Hi, One of my friend is coming from US Next month, I want to buy few parts in US for my next gig. Please suggest me how to buy and what problems would be there? and what would be customs duty? Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD's If possible SMPS, Graphics Card. What do you suggest about...
  18. M

    Bsnl Dataone night unlimited timing problem !!

    Hi, i am on Bsnl Home 500 and having this typical problem since one month. i have set up my pc's BIOS to start at 2 am and then within windows xp, i have set scheduled tasks to start dataone at 2:01 am and utorrent is set to download 2 am to 8 am. Now i have also set scheduled tasks to...
  19. U

    Is CDAC after B.Tech a good option?

    Hi. This post is not for me but for a few confused fellows of mine. They have completed their engineering in Computer Science with good marks >70% last month. Now they are confused whether they should start looking for a job or join CDAC. They appeared for CDACs semi-annual Post Graduate...
  20. S

    gtx 550 ti and psu

    hi everyone this is my 1st post. I have a asus gtx 550 Ti card ,which according to nvidia specification needs 400 watt psu with 12v railing giving out 24A now i have a coolermaster extreme power supply 500w but its 12v railing gives out only 18 A . I cant go for another psu at this...
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