1. Zangetsu

    How is Monster Products [Head Phones,Speakers etc]?

    Hi Guys, Just came across this brand. Monster Headphones anybody how is it?
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    Monster Hunter Online(F2P MMO)(PC)

    Monster Hunter Online Publisher : CAPCOM/Tencent Developer : CAPCOM Platform : PC Genre : MMORPG Price : Free-to-Play Engine : CryEngine 3 Release Date : TBA There is a Catch though [/SPOILER] It's going to be released worldwide! :hyper: Monster...
  3. H

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    MH3U should be arriving soon, and it is a remaster + expansion of MHTri for the Wii. I'm getting the HD ver. rather than the portable. Anyone interested in forming a hunting band here? MH3U battle trailer: The game has clunky controls, but you...
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    Is Naukri / Monster / Times Jobs Premium Services Any Good?

    Hello, Well my question is simple as it is in Thread Title. I get many calls from Naukri, Monster, Timesjobs for opting their premium services of CV Boost or what they call. I want to know are they really any good? Tried googling the same, but didn't got any positive result. So just...
  5. T

    monster beats Headphone buying advice sought

    Hi all, I go to buy my iphone between now and 2 months, I have already been fully investigated'm satisfied with where I ended. Now there is a small problem, I want a Monster Beats Solo. But I don't know which is good. My friends give me a website: Official Casque Monster Beats By Dr.Dre High...
  6. T


    DESCRIPTION Saw a playthrough of the same on youtube , it seems like a pretty fun multiplayer game. The game's website is North of Earth
  7. MatchBoxx

    Intel SNB revision: new proccys+price cut+a new Xtreme proccy!

    Intel takes on the AMD Llano APU by introducing a range of new processors for the low-end & mid-range market + unleashes a new monster! Intel Reveals 16 New Sandy Bridge CPUs & Price Cuts
  8. Sarath

    iBeats IEM by Monster; How are they?

    I recently saw this pair at the Dubai Duty free for Rs.5836/- (after conversion) I was pondering for the 3hours I had, as to whether to get them or not. iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk - Beats by Dr. Dre by Monster My problem was: 1) I have heard about their sound quality online...
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    evga dual gpu and gigabyte g1 killer motherboards

    EVGA offers a sneak peek at Nvidia's next dual-GPU monster - The Tech Report Gigabyte intros G1-Killer motherboard series - The Tech Report
  10. bbachar

    Price of Monster Workstations

    Hello every one... I want to buy 5 monster workstations Please suggest me some configuration with : Duel Xeon Processor Compatible motherboard 32GB of RAM High-end Graphics Card Please inform me the price and availability in India. BTW I am from Kolkata.
  11. arpanmukherjee1

    Monster Rig

    hello i was sitting there and thought about making the most powerful pc picking up feb and jan issue of digit and including bazaar and droolmaal the total estimate of this MONSTER is :::::::::::: :::: 4.8 Lac... YES!!!! i will write all components after some time.. till then propose ur...
  12. U

    A guide on getting Penya and how to increase your shop views.

    There are four categories to getting Penya: fighting, raiding, selling and quests. Fighting: Probably the simplest way. Just fight monster and take what they drop. All monsters drop penya when they die, if they are at a level close to or higher than yours. And, if your lucky all monsters...
  13. hahahari

    Max Payne Fans, In You Come!

    Guys I found a video that talks about the start of the Max Payne Saga. Check it out here. But seriously the monster thingy doesnt feel too proper. Doesnt make that much sense either. max payne the beginning video
  14. Krazzy Warrior

    Monster Mission Desert [GTA-SA]

    GTA-San Andreas [Help] Hey guys, I am stucked at Monster Truck Mission in GTA-SA (In Desert) where u have to pass through all the checkpoints in less that 6:30 it always take me around 7:30 to pass..:mad: Is there any way (shortcut) or any Cheat<---yet I dislike them till know I have used 0...

    Monster Hunter 2 sold 500 000 in day 1 - WOW

    1 another site 2 Day sales 1: Monster Hunter 2: 500 000 sold day one!! 2: Fire Emblem wii with 50 000 sold day one!! 3: Sim City Wii 20 000 sold day one!! Wow PSP needs this kind of games more and more... im glad that new monster hunter is exclusive for PS3:p
  16. S

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card den why guys die out buyin a graphics which keeps on increasin model nos 1000+ every month makin the rest feel .. should ve waited for ati/nvidia 9000 wats the big deal.... common lemme hear out gettin pirated stuffs or...
  17. montylee

    PC Case or a Jet Engine!

    Wow, see this monster PC Case: Looks amazing...
  18. C

    monster truck madness-2

    does monster truck madness-2 (CD Supplied alongwith June Digit) work in XP?
  19. alekh_khanna

    Most Irritating Monster ???

    Hi guys, i started it just for fun...well add the name of the most irritating monster ( or enemy whatsoever ) to the list... For me.. It is the screaming suicide bomber of Serious Sam 2
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    ATI's new X1900 series out now

    It has 48 pixel pipelines...!!! Compared to 7800GTX's 24, this seems a monster, but performance is not doubled. :roll:
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