1. harshilsharma63

    Where to get 7.1 channel audio for movies

    Hi. I have many movies but all have 2 channel audio. I want to download 7.1 channel audio only for those movies to merge it with the video. Where/how can I get only the audio?
  2. mitraark

    Merge HDD Partitons without loosing data

    I have had made two partitions of one of my 2 TB HDD , one 1000 GB , another 862 GB . They are almos filled up , and i gelt it would have been better to have a single partition instead of two. Can i somehow merge the two without loosing current data ? There is too much of data and i cannot...
  3. revolt

    Grand Theft Auto 4 Official Patches.

    A thread is not required for this.kindly merge it with an existing one.
  4. S

    problem with mkv merge

    i want to rip dual audio in movies, one guy told me to use mkv merge gui software but he did not tell me how to use it please anyone help me out
  5. S

    MKV merge settings required

    hi friends i just downloaded mkv merge and i want to compress videos by using it but how should i enter the settings it is not easy as handbrake so can any body give me the settings or from anywhere i can get the *.mmg files to download thank u
  6. C

    how to merge subtitles to avi/divx files

    how can the subtitles joined/merged with avi/divx without any time difference. thanks
  7. naveen_reloaded

    **Digit Admin** starts spamming Digit Forum Itself

    Instead of fixing the forum and preventing spam Digit admin starts a new section to promote " no body going to buy " stuff... this cant get any worse than this... one thing is clear... TDF is going down... to mods : dont merge this one with the antoher thread... this is totally...
  8. Dark Star

    Compiz Fusion To Be Dropped ! Arrival of a new Composite Desktop

    Roadmap of upcoming Compiz ++/New Composite Manager : Merge Compiz and Compiz Fusion both in name and support systems. We are now using just Compiz as the name, and Compiz is moving away from Freedesktop entirely. Details are still being worked out. Release Compiz 0.8.0. Expect a release...
  9. Chetan1991

    Want a small freeware to merge two avi files

    Hi all. Does any one of you know about a simple and small freeware which can merge two avi files into one??? If yes, please give me links. Thanx in advance.
  10. Dark Star

    Help Merging Unused HDD space

    How am I suppose to merge this ? Please help me :) Regards
  11. G

    how to play binary file in java

    hi i wanted to know can a binary file(*.bin) be played through java and how. Is it possible to synchronize more than one .bin file together and merge them in a sequence them and play them? pls reply
  12. Ishan

    Merging partions in Vista

    Hey Vistas inbuilt partion manager doesn't allows to merge unallocated spaces or merge two partion... So which vista supported tools shal i use? and ya it should be free.. Its Urgent...
  13. Q

    low space in Drive C

    Hello Everyone, can any one help me to merge my primary [ c ] volume with any of my logical.. i tried acronis partition but i could not find the solution...... actually my drive c has 15gb which the all most full so im looking to merge it with other drive.. there is lots of free space.... i...
  14. User Name

    Partition without lossing data

    Hi my pc hav two 20 GB partition. Is it possible to merge both partition into one of 40 GB without lossing my data?
  15. C

    How I can Merge VOB files in one CD

    Dear friends I recorded some event from my DV cam and directly and copied on my hard drive from cd it has VOB extension I want to merge it and want to make it visiable from DVD player how can I merge all in one CD and make it visiable from DVD player . Thanks in Advance... Torilahuray:confused:
  16. kin.vachhani

    vista help need.....

    hey i have installed vista on 12GB partition now i want to merge my vista installed drive with other drive.... Pls suggest me good partition manager which can merge ntfs partition..
  17. ssk_the_gr8

    how to download a 15 gb torrent file in a 10 gb partition

    guys do u know any way to do this should i split the file & download 8 gb in 1 partition & 8 in another....or should i merge the 2 partitions??
  18. M

    Beryl to remerge with Compiz

    Read here - * Mailing List Discussion on the topic - * Digg - *
  19. BBThumbHealer

    Merge Two Partitions In Vista.....

    i wud like to know how can i merge my two partitions in windows vista ? Softwares such as Norton Partition Magic & Acronis Disk Director Suite are of no use.......The Extend Volume Option Is disabled in the disk management ..... so is there any other way out ? Thnx BlackBerry7100g
  20. tango_cash

    can i join two torrents which have same content?

    hi i am dwnloding a torrent which i has reached 99.6% but now there are no seeders and i am stuck. the same torrent is avalible on other sites and they have many seeders. 1. so is thee a way i can join the torrent of the other site with my 99.6% status?? 2. can i merge the new torrent with...
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