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Merge Two Partitions In Vista.....

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BlackBerry Guru ! :)
i wud like to know how can i merge my two partitions in windows vista ?

Softwares such as Norton Partition Magic & Acronis Disk Director Suite are of no use.......The Extend Volume Option Is disabled in the disk management .....

so is there any other way out ?




Partition Magic can be used for this. Boot from the Partition Magic CD and select Partition Magic.

You'll find an option to merge partitions and without losing any data *but* please make sure you have backed up any important data beforehand, as in rare cases things can go wrong.

Else you can try this:
Copy all the data from non vista partition to vista partion..than boot using any Cd,and delete the non vista partion..and than merge them.


why do this ? Instead as long as u r transfering the data from both partitions just move the dat to another HDD and then format the one with the two partitions. Merging two partitions takes a long time as all the data has to be rearranged and results are not allways guaranteed, even after its successful some problem usually happens like 'data sector not found' or 'bad sector' or 'file size truncated' . and many files may be corrupt and exe may not load.


BlackBerry7100g said:
how to boot with partition magic ?
set ur !st booting device as CDROM.......in BIOS setting.insert the magic partion CD into drive.
Restart the system..and boot
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