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Compiz Fusion To Be Dropped ! Arrival of a new Composite Desktop

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As a result of the general unrest in the Compiz community, a series of conference calls were held to work out how to move forward. The minutes of these conference calls have already been published, but no official
statements have been made, until now.

A council has been established, which will ultimately be responsible for running the Compiz development. It consists of 5 well-established members of the community, listed below. The council will work openly and will encourage open discussion and decision-making, but will take charge where it feels it is necessary to retain momentum. The council has yet to decide
on all the formalities involved, but it will be sorted out as is necessary, with focus on keeping the project healthy.

We hope to have the next stable release ready by August/September 2009, which should include Compiz++ and Nomad. This does depend on Nomad-progress, however. During the Compiz 0.9 development cycle, we will review all Compiz code. This will allow us to better document the code and clean up rough code. During this process it is likely that we will remove functionality that is implemented in an inadequate fashion. This can then be re-implemented properly if it is a sufficiently popular feature, and there is developer interest.

There are a number of smaller issues to work out, and the 0.9 development branch is expected to be quite volatile. More information will be posted as it is available.
Roadmap of upcoming Compiz ++/New Composite Manager :

  1. Merge Compiz and Compiz Fusion both in name and support systems. We are now using just Compiz as the name, and Compiz is moving away from Freedesktop entirely. Details are still being worked out.
  2. Release Compiz 0.8.0. Expect a release schedule later this evening.
  3. Merge Compiz++ to master.
  4. Release Compiz 0.9.0. This will happen shortly after the merge of Compiz++ is finished to allow for testing and feedback.
  5. Release Compiz 0.9.2. This will happen a few weeks after 0.9.0 as a pure bug-fix/cleanup release, with no major changes.
  6. At this point we will look at Nomad. If Nomad is ready to merge, we will aim for a 0.9.4 release which will include Nomad, and a 0.9.6 release which, similar to 0.9.2, will be a bug-fix/cleanup release.
  7. If Nomad is not ready, we will go over the option handling in 0.9.4, and push Nomad back as necessary. Otherwise, the option handling will be overhauled in the release after the Nomad bug-fix.

Source [Compiz Mailing List ] : [compiz] Annoucement: Creation of the Compiz Council and the road ahead


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Yep, I too read the news a few days back.

And do these Compiz guys want to establish a Guinness world record or something for the highest number of mergers/splits? :mad:
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