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Beryl to remerge with Compiz

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I’d say this is good thought. Cause of they are different packages people have been encountering problems, including myself, as well getting confused …. let’s see.

In a recent mailing list posting, Quinn Storm, the lead developer of Beryl, stated a possibility of a Beryl/Compiz merge in the future if both projects want to cooperate.

In a nutshell, Storm’s ideas were to:
Merge the two projects into one, community project
Come up with a third name for the merge
If the merge is unsuccessful, re-fork back into Beryl.
Read here - http://linux.wordpress.com/2007/03/24/possible-berylcompiz-merger/
Mailing List Discussion on the topic - http://lists.beryl-project.org/pipermail/beryl-dev/2007-March/000277.html
Digg - http://www.digg.com/linux_unix/Beryl_to_re_merge_with_Compiz_soon


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I have been following this thing since when it first appeared on Beryl dev list (last month) and it imho is a very bad idea on Beryl's part. Now is the time when they are actually getting some recognition as a separate project. Mark Shuttleworth himself got in touch with Beryl devs to include Beryl officially in Ubuntu and to give it much better shape. He even invited two of the devs, at Canonical's expense, to UDS in order to discuss it and what do we see? Them going back into compiz and lose their identity.

Also, I personally feel that Quinn Storm has not been left any choice here. She has been cornered by other core developers into accepting the decision that others have already taken for Beryl. She being the community person that she is, seems to have just accepted and followed on. Just look at this recent mail from Robert Carr, a core Beryl Developer

I would really recommend reading the above mentioned link. Here are a few excerpts from it
frankly Quinn just wasn't willing to budge or really discuss it in a reasonable fashion, so things were kind of dead...
so eventually 4 of us (onestone, maniac, iXce, and I) (at the risk of being colloquial) said "Screw it" and contacted Compiz leadership essentially saying "We can't get Quinn on board, but everyone else is, so why don't we just go ahead and set up the new merged project, and announce that is where we will be working in the future, everyone else will follow (as EVERYONE was for it with the aforementioned exception)
This just shows what situation Quinn was in. It looks more or less like a coup to me where the core devs told Quinn to either join them or see her beloved project die. Why Quinn was not ready in the first place? Well there were many reasons but the foremost being David Raveman's (Lead dev of Compiz) dictatorial attitude which is highly unlikely to change in near future and his close association with Novell. I sincerely wish that these merge talks just fail miserably and Beryl keeps its identity intact. It will be much better this way.
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