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  1. slugger

    how do i merge 2 PDF filez

    Can anybody suggest any freeware sw to merge PDF files together without ehaving to export it to DOC filez. thankz
  2. S

    merge 2 net connections

    hi friends i have a 64kbps cable net connection and a tata indicom fone which i connect to the usb. what happens is when i connect both of them together i dont see any increase in speed. now what i wanna do is merge both the connections and use. is there any method or software which will...
  3. jz2linkinpark

    how do i merge partitions?

    hey all, my computers hardrive had been divided into two partitions since the day i assembled it,when i asked my dealer why,he said that it was easier to reinstall windows or something like that,but now i can't even find enough space to install F.E.A.R in my master partition,so how can i...
  4. L

    Which Bandwidth Manager ??

    Hi, I my office I have around 100 computers , I have3 ISPs TATA 256 Kps, TATA 512 Kbps and MTNL 2 Mb link. Now I need some thing which will make all these three ISPs as a one locate gateway (I wana merge them in to one .) So if even one link goes down my internet connection for user will...
  5. T

    registry prob.

    ever time i execute a .reg file it open in notepad, when i right clicked it and select merge then it also opened in notepad what's the prob i want to merge the registry when i execute it.,and when i select edit by right clicking on the file then only it opens in notepad.... windows...
  6. ramprasad

    MPEG2 Video Editing freeware

    Hi I would like to edit a few MPEG2 videos, I mean cut and merge. Can anyone, let me know any freeware for it.. Regards, Ramprasad
  7. S

    Can i combine 2 VPN connections together?

    Hello friends, I am using an internet connection via VPN(PPTP) and my line is of 128Kbps. My bro is also using the same connection with same bandwidth and his account works in my PC and vice versa. I want to know whether it is possible to merge both this connection and get...
  8. ax3

    Partition merge-ing ! ! !

    i have winxp sp2 with 80 gb hdd ... partition of c,d,e (10,10,60 gb) ... wanna merge 1st 2 partitions (10,10) ... as i have installed many softwares on c drive, it is left with very little space ... due 2 which my comp. is running slow ... have also moved my data on d drive (10 gb)...
  9. T

    Help me to merge my two partitions!

    I have two partitions on my hdd c: has Win98 d: has winxp i want to remove win98 from my PC and merge the 2 partitions someone please tell me the step by step procedure to do this please!
  10. godsownman


    Is it possible to merge the 2nd partition into the main one where windows is loaded without having to format the disk. I want to merge d: to c: C: has got windows xp loaded.
  11. D

    HardDisk Space Partition Problem.........

    Hello guys.. My frnd has 3 drives in his laptop running on Windows XP, the C: shows 2GB whereas F: shows 13 GB and D: is normal 18GB is it possible to merge f: and C: and make it C: There is no option in the Disk Mgmt.. Please help with this... Thanks in advance...
  12. Y

    Remove WINXP SP2

    I have got a windows xp CD with the SP2 merged in with it. I want to reomve the sp2 part of the cd from it and only install it when i install the old windows xp without sp2. So what i ask is there is a way to merge xp with sp2 but is there anyway to remove sp2 from xp.
  13. Gaurav

    Not able to merge sp2 in winxp

    Hi all, Strange problem i am not able to merge sp2 with winxp. followed all the steps exactly the same mentioned in the magzine but it gave an error a device attached to the system is not functioning. using windows 98SE. HELP please.
  14. S

    how can i merge 2 internet connections on the same pc??

    hi all need some help here its like that i have a free isp on which i get connection speeds of around 40 kbps. i also plan to get a cable connection soon. my main query is that is there any way by which i can bridge both of my connections together to make a real broadband connection...
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