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  1. theserpent

    My career plan

    Hey Guyzz I need you advice's Please. Right now i am in my 11th grade(State board from Karnataka)With subjects comp,stats,business & accounts. Well i am going to do my b.com(Bachelors of commerce),Then is it a good idea to work for 1-2 years.And then pursue my MBA from IIM or ISB? Whats the...
  2. theserpent

    Can i take MBA?

    Im in 11th(State board)With subjects computer,stats,business & accounts.So since i have no maths can i still do mba from iim or isb??
  3. Zangetsu

    MBA queries???

    Most of the people say only Full time MBA has value & other MBA programs have no value (e.x: Correspondence,E-MBA,Part-time) how much do u agree on this?
  4. A

    What is preferable: online MBA, executive MBA or full time MBA?

    I am planning to study further in marketing. I have three options. I can either opt for full time MBA, executive MBA or online MBA, specialization in marketing. Can anyone help me with the right choice. I am not just looking for a degree. In fact, I want to learn about the industry, key renowned...
  5. W

    Directly MBA or MCA then MBA ??

    Hi Guys, a friend of mine is in doubt. He is currently doing BCA from Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, in 5th Sem. He is in doubt as he wants to do, MBA on Systems but isn't sure if he should do MCA and then MBA or directly go for MBA. What do you guys advise. His 10 and 12 marks are...
  6. bkpeerless

    help me with few quaries on mba

    I am a ECE engineering student and would complete my graduation this year.. I want to know good MBA collages in kolkata and how to admit.. also are there special streams for mba like engineering. if so what are the good streams that i should look out for as a engineer
  7. techking_dinesh

    What after IT engineering ?

    Hello, This post mite go really long as i want to be as informative as i can so that you frndz can help me out better. Thanks in Advance About my IT interest : having deep interest in technology since childhood. Always curious to know how the technology works and likes keeps myself updated with...
  8. ssk_the_gr8

    MBA Aspirants

    so guys how many of u'll will be giving cat/xat/snap/mat etc.. :lol: and the various other MBA entrance exams? which test series have u joined ? time, pt education etc. i've joined time when do the forms come out? what books do you refer to? let us discuss all this... here
  9. sourabh9agrawal

    Best MBA coaching institute in india?

    Best CAT coaching institute in india? Hello Friends, I have just given my final semester examinations of BE in computer science.Iam expecting average percentage of 63 in BE,it will be confirmed after the results of 8th semester.Iam thinking of preparing for CAT and...
  10. R

    Best MBA Colleges in Pune? Plz Help..

    guys, one of my friend wants to MBA from pune, can u plz suggest which should he choose? There are a lot of choices by Maharashtra Common Entrance Test, and by other universities, but we are unable to decide which is good.
  11. R

    Job after completing MBA in Banking & Finance

    What are the jobs that we can get after completing MBA in Banking and Finance, which Sikkim Manipal University has newly started.
  12. S

    Mba Banking & Finance Study material

    for the mba banking and finance course in Sikkim manipal university, will the study material be provided by the university and what’s the mode of exams and studies.
  13. S

    What’s the procedure of applying MBA Banking & Finance

    What’s the procedure of applying for MBA in Banking & Finance course in Sikkim Manipal Uni...., Is it online or do we have to go to the learning centre
  14. R

    MBA Banking & Finance From Sikkim Manipal

    How is the course of Sikkim Manipal Uni..... MBA Banking & Finance, guys I require your opinion as I am very keen in joining this course. Do Banks accept this degree
  15. K

    MBA Banking and Finance

    I am looking for MBA in Banking and finance, does any university provide this course and what are the duration and the fees
  16. ssk_the_gr8

    MS or MBA... carrer planning

    guys i need some help currently i'm gonna start 3rd year in my B.E( I.T) i have done well in 10th 87% , 12th was ok 72%.... my current Cgpa is 7.0 with a lot of scope for improvement(4 more sems to go) now i have to decide what do i do for my masters.... i like programming and i'm good...
  17. W


    i have recently given my last semester exam for BSC IT and awaiting the results. i m planning to dao an MBA. In what all fields i can do specialization in MBA? Also which one is better MBA IT or MBA Systems? Or is it good to do an MCA at this stage?? pls suggest...
  18. Z

    WARNING!!! For Distance Education students aspiring for UGC-NET / Academics

    I am doing lateral entry MBA from Punjab Technical University. I already did my PGDM through an AICTE approved institute but later came to know that you can’t get into academics without a MBA degree (PGDM is Diploma, Period!!!) Hence I enrolled in lateral entry MBA through PTU in Sep 2009...
  19. baby girl

    information abt the networking exam

    hello to all i have taken training regarding hardware and networking (a+,mcse,ccna) it is necessary to give exam in order to get good job as i think my training was not up to the mark and the institute from i taken the training is now closed as it was a fraud institute so wat to do as i...
  20. sujoyp

    Sap b1

    Hello friends....Anybody had done SAP B1 or business one I wanted to know the career prospects of SAP B1 after MBA...and is it good enough to get a job. Help!!!! Thanks in Advance.
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