1. I

    Can Anybody Suggest Me An IT Course Relevant To Production Management?

    Hi, I have done my MBA in Finance and Marketing and passed out in the year 2016, before MBA I worked for a small scale industry which was into production of plastic materials. Now I am looking for a career in IT industry which should streamline with my previous experience and giving...
  2. dashang

    Need of MBA for Software engineer

    Hello, Can anyone tell me need of MBA or ways that MBA can open for software engineer. What specialization is good in MBA for software engineer?
  3. R

    Survey on IT Industry (plz fill it..wud be of great help. Thanks)

    Hey guys, Request you all to fill up this survey on attrition rates in IT Industry. It's for my MBA thesis report. Would be very grateful. Thanks a ton :)
  4. theserpent

    Good colleges to do MBA Abroad

    Will be done with my B.COM next year. Which are the countries where we can do mba? Germany seems like a nice and cheap option but we need to know GERMAN.
  5. dashang

    regarding mh-cet exam

    hello, when is mh-cet exam for MBA are held ? Once or twice a year ? and when ?
  6. B

    MBA in "finance" or "Logistics and supply chain management" ?

    Hey guys, I am in the last semester of B.B.A. I have to apply for admission in MBA course now but i am confused what specialisation should i choose. I like logistics and supply chain management but everyone i talked to, says there are very less job opportunities with it and engineering degree...
  7. B

    What to do after BBA (Distance learning)? MBA?? :( depressed (long post)

    EDIT: My problem in short : Did BBA (distance education) and now i'm confused what to do. Should i go for MBA or prepare for SSC-CGL? Hi guys, Please bear with me and read this, I will try to keep this as short as possible. 2011: I completed my class 12 (PCM) in 2011 and wanted to pursue...
  8. theserpent

    Where should I do my mba?

    Now,I'm in my 1st year,My Uncle who is in US,said me to come to usa for my mba.Now he also said that I should vist next year may to check out the colleges and other various courses offered,from what I have heard it's better to do MBA in Either US or singapore as it's much much cheaper than...
  9. lakeport

    Is doing an MBA after a BA worth it?

    I am in BA 1st year right now. I want to do an MBA after this so that i can get a good job. I wanna ask.. will i get admission into a good college and get a decent job after finishing MBA without any prior work experience and an arts degree? Any chance of getting placed in a foreign company...
  10. C

    B.Tech from ip univesity

    I will probably get maharaja surajmal institute of technology CSE in ip university,delhi.i have a poor jee rank so not getting any nit's. I have also got admission in mukesh patel school of technology management,narsee munjee university mumbai in MBA Tech IT programme .which will be the best...
  11. A

    MBA from LPU

    Hey guys I am thinking of doing MBA from Lovely Professional university and i have heard both good and bad about it.. plz can u suggest whether its worth doing an MBA from LPU and also about its placements and teaching.... If u belong to LPU plzz give ur suggestions...
  12. A

    MBA (Insurance Management) in Pondicherry Uni !!!!

    Guys, MBA in Insurance Management from Pondicherry University. Does it offer any scope ?
  13. A

    How is life in greater noida for students?

    i am about to start my mba in greater noida. i would like to know about this place.
  14. kool

    ►►► [CAREER] Which Job is better ? JOB after MBA vs IBPS/SBI banking JOB ? Help me to choose.

    Guys, I’m so confused. Most of u are working in PVT company or Govt. company. My education background: 10th = 2004 12th = 2006 (PCM) 2006-2009 = failed in BTECH, so left it. :| 2010-2013 = BBA from SMU distance learning. So, now I’ve last SEM exam going to be held in July 2013...
  15. montsa007

    Course to Compliment MBA in International Business?

    Have almost finished MBA in International Business from distance learning. Can anyone suggest another 1-2 year course that can compliment this course? Not interested in the field of finance.
  16. chandan3


    hi, i hav just complited wt sould i do nw .MBA,ICWA,networking,animation/vfx,ethical hacking.which is better scope. or guys any gud course after thn ple suggest a days many boys ,girls doing mba ,a b-tech/arts student also doing mba so i m little bit bro n sis...
  17. G

    bba and mba help

    please guys can you help me i am calling to thoe people who have done bba or ca ,cs or mba .wha exactly do you guys do like market stocks or what few months are left for january to come please help i have to decide soon. thnks comeon guys some one would be a mba here
  18. desai_amogh

    Good Distance education institute/university for MBA (IT)

    Hi guys Any suggestions for Good Distance education institute/university for MBA IT or information systems ?? Im in Pune.
  19. T

    Should I opt for integrated MBA? CSE

    I am doin CSE in Gauhati University (IST). Recently they gave me a choice to go for 'integrated MBA' in Gauhati University. I do want to persue till I can handle my subjects as per performance in exams is concerned. Will Integrated MBA be of any use to me ? What factors should...
  20. Blue Ripazah

    Need to do some short term course..???

    Hi guys ... Im free for the next 5 months so need advice on any short term course which can help me in my mba ....
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