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  1. dreams

    Upperline !!!

    Hi guys.. I am pursuing my MBA and want this to be added in my profile for job hunt..I am using word 07 and want to know hw to add a upperline above MBA to show I am undergoing the course.. i.e., we put a bar on top of the degree to show we have not yet completed the course.. Need to...
  2. ax3

    MBA schools ! ! !

    any site 2 find MBA schools here ???
  3. blueshift

    MBA in 6 months?

    My friend wants to do MBA and he got information about Institute of Business Management and Studies where they offer fast track MBA for a duration of 6 months. The institute is ISO certified and has MOODY International Certification(I've no clue on this cert.) But it is not AICTE approved...
  4. A

    mba in IT

    can anybody tell me how to do mba in IT and whats the eligibility for doing so
  5. T

    Bsc computer science VS bca

    Which is better and has wider scope among the below. Bsc Computer science Bca Bcom Computer applications Is Bsc computer science an boring / dry course? does it involve too much of programming? Can a student with poor math skills take bsc computer science? Does it...
  6. O

    MBA Laptops

    hey all u guys out there.... there's some really imp stuff that i need 2 know. there r abt 30 of us who have taken admission in MBA in various colleges across India. we as a part of our course curriculum need 2 purchase a laptop. after much deliberation we were able to shortlist 2 models -HP...
  7. G

    EBook on CAT/MBA

    i need some ebooks on CAt/ MBA. free. thanks
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