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  1. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Reference Books for Class XII CBSE.

    Okay, im in 12th now, so looking for some reference books and books that are having those sample papers and previous year papers as well. I already have ML Khanna IIT maths, but that too high level for school IMO. Suggest me some good books for Boards preps. and reference books for Subjects...
  2. Imperial_Raj

    Two Questions Related To My Graduation

    Hello guys! Back in these forums after a long time. Feels good :-D So, I completed my class XII with 78% marks in aggregate (ISC Boards) this year. But PCM was just 62% with Maths at a measly 55/100. Clearly, I'm bad in Maths (Calculus and Trigonometry deserve a special mention here :P) and...
  3. vishnov

    BCA maths vs Engg. Maths. whhich is tougher?

    guys can you tell me the level of difficulty of maths in bca course? is it as hard as engineering maths? and one more question too.. amongst bca,bba and bba which course has better future scope and has better chances of getting employed (after doing PG, obviously!) plz reply.

    Please Help ? Failed in +2 science, is my career over ?

    Got total marks 346/600 but failed in chem for 1 mark and maths is short of 12 marks , what should I do , i am feeling suicidal :cry: i know it was my fault(i hate and fear maths) but please help me now , is there any hope i would get a respectable job, what is the value of mine in land of...
  5. C

    How do you calculate PCM aggregate?

    Hi guys, I know this question is stupid:oops:, but I get varied answers outside: 1) add marks phy, chem and maths divide the sum by 3 2) take maths for 100, and phy, chem for 50, divide by 2 to get Aggregate Which method do the colleges use for undergrad. Admissions????? Thanks...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    Riddle and problems with stupid answers go here !

    tdf mods on the site, tell me which one of these members is RIGHT ! BOOM YAY> i made that in 1 go can you stand in a straight circle? lets see how good your maths really is...
  7. Nanducob

    Please Solve This Maths Problem:)

    Hi, we were debating over a simple maths problem on the 'Epic Lol' thread and we were going offtopic while finding the correct answer.So thought of posting it here.The problem is simple. Some people got '6' as the answer while others got '12'.Whats your answer?(pls dont copy the answer...
  8. J

    Will my gpu run crysis 3

    hello everyone My specs- Core i7 3770k Asrock extreme 4 8gb Corsair vengeance ram Nvidia gt610 synergy 2gb gpu + Corsair h100i fan Razer deathstalker ultimate elite keyboard. Madness huh? I know what will you all say, "just wtf was he thinking going for that keyboard and fan...
  9. C

    Which stream i shud opt in 11th ?

    Hi i m Chirag from India and currently i m in 10th i m confused about wich stream to choose. :cry: I m interested in Game Development. 8-) I want to know best stream for me from these - :| Science - Commerce(Wid Maths) -Commerce(Widout Maths) Please help me . I think that I...
  10. F

    checkbox in javascript

    sorry for asking noob question but i am just not getting it when i click on OK it prints both Maths and Computer no matter what the checkbox selection is !!! <html> <head> <script type="text/JavaScript"> function validateForm() { var cbox=myform.subjects; for(var...
  11. A

    please help!!,mere carrer ka sawaal hain?

    hey people i am in big dilemma.ok first i have completed my science stream HSC exam in average marks got 56% at agg. 35 in physics,65 in bio,44 in maths and 55 in chem.so heres the question i am thinking of doing bsc in computer science with diploma in software engineering from niit.now i am...
  12. S

    I have got bad marks in 10th, now what?

    CBSE 10th results are out now, but I have got 6.4 CGPA which is very low (because no one has got below 5.4) in my school. The worst subject is mathematics (5.0). I want to know what should I do now? I am good at computers, I think its because I spend more of time in front of computers (not...
  13. A

    Maths vs. Biology - What's the issue?

    I thought it would be an interesting debate to start in an education forum such as this one. Often we see people saying you take either PCM or PCB but there are rarely any people pursuing Medicine or Engineering who have had both (unless you are talking about lower-demand branches). Even in...
  14. theserpent

    What to Opt.

    Well im curently in 12th(State board)(classes begin in june).Subjects Computer,Stats,Business and accounts. Well Now im confused.First i had decided B.com+Mba. But then my uncle told Mca would be a better option. But can i really go for BCA+MCA.As i have no Maths :(. But yeah i really love...
  15. theserpent

    Can i take MBA?

    Im in 11th(State board)With subjects computer,stats,business & accounts.So since i have no maths can i still do mba from iim or isb??
  16. E

    help me please!

    hey guys i just passed out 10th class with 76%:DNow i am confused what to take?should i take science or commerce with computers ?i am more interested in computers.particularly more in cyber security and hacking.if take science,then should i take maths or bio..i am little weak at maths...but will...
  17. P

    VMC Entrance test!!!

    Hii guys, while googling a found out a thread of it but it was closed. now to the point. i am in class IX. i have studied maths for the vmc entrance on 16th jan. after seeing the questions in the cd provided by them, i almost had an heart attack. please can u tell me whther what kind of...
  18. C

    Summation of Columns in SQL

    Suppose I have 3 columns of 3 different subjects say History, Maths and Science. Now I want to add the total of their values to another column say Total. Is it possible in MySQL? Is there any function for doing this. Also MySQL should automatically update the values when its data is stored in 3...
  19. alexanderthegreat

    The Homework Thread

    There wasn't one so I thought I ought to create this. Anyhow, use this thread to post any homework (or even otherwise) question you've got... Think it's a downright outrageously idiotic idea? No problem... ignore this stuff and let this thread die. Someone please answer a problem in maths...
  20. Krazzy Warrior

    Maths Quiz

    MATHS QUIZ One friend of mine asked me a question and told me to solve..question is based upon Simultaneous Linear Equation..Solve if if u think u r damn good enough..but i think u can't..and don't forget to show the process but first of all u have to solve which is impossible.. Note: We all...
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