1. quicky008

    Eligibility for jobs at reputed companies for people having less than 60% score in PG

    A friend of mine recently completed his MCA from IGNOU with an aggregate of 58% marks.He has over 70% marks throughout his academic career from 10+2 till graduation,sadly however he could not secure 60% marks for his PG course.Because of this he's really worried as most reputed IT firms demand a...
  2. mediator

    Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol

    Read More : Marks & Spencer apologizes after saying Muslim staff may refuse to serve customers pork and alcohol - The Times of India Fore reference : Secularism implies that religious practicies shall not interfere in the workings and the progress of the state!

    Please Help ? Failed in +2 science, is my career over ?

    Got total marks 346/600 but failed in chem for 1 mark and maths is short of 12 marks , what should I do , i am feeling suicidal :cry: i know it was my fault(i hate and fear maths) but please help me now , is there any hope i would get a respectable job, what is the value of mine in land of...
  4. TheLetterD

    Tips for scoring good in CBSE 12th boards needed! :(

    Hello! I really want to study computer science abroad(Canada) and I will be taking a Gap year next year for all the extra circulars and other things I wanted to do(programming!). But the thing is my 12th(like my 11th) has really sucked till now! I still have 4 months till my board exams. And...
  5. S

    admission info

    I'm Sara from Islamabad, Pakistan. I got 866 marks in fsc (pre-medical). My marks are not as good as it should be! What should I do now; like ACCA or Bioinformatics; which would lead a better future for me. Please do tell me. Thanks.
  6. lovedonator

    Supplementary in 12th board

    So,may be some of you remember I'm that guy who asked * So the thing is that I got a lot of advice from people here(for which I'm very thankful) and I studied hard for my boards in the last 2 months but still I...
  7. ritvij

    post your expected aieee scores

    i know its too early for the answer keys.. but still post your expected marks here...:twisted:
  8. vaibhav23

    Ways to increase my mental ability

    I am going to class 10 and I am finding that in all the competitive exams which I am giving I am getting good ranks for Maths and science. But my ranks goes down in the FTRE exams conducted by FIITJEE just due to getting bad marks in the IQ paper. A teacher told me that I can better it by...
  9. thebanik

    HIS Radeon HD7970 Benchmarked on LN2

    It seems such a long time that I have posted in the Overclocking section, but I guess in reality its not that long, anyways a few weeks ago got hold of HIS HD7970 from Tirupati Enterprise. And have been testing it on air, though it was a great card on air but on LN2 it proved to be a dampner. It...
  10. coderunknown

    guidance needed in cleaning LCD screen

    my monitor's lcd screen is getting dirty with some small black spots or other watery marks. maybe cousin or someone else have touched screen with wet hands. i tried cleaning the screen with cloth & some of the marks got erased but not all. googled & found a ton of guide about cleaning LCD screen...
  11. V


    hello...frnz i had chosen cse wen i entered bits n now 1st yr is over and college allowz us to stil change the i was thnking if i shud change to eee i require urgent advice on this.plz help me choose ma branch cse : 1.i m jus ok in programming 2i got average marks in programmming...
  12. J

    Need Help From all of you guyz,,,,,plz....

    Hi all I have completed my 10th (cbse) with 69% and just cmpltd my plus two with 78% now i have enrolled into btech cse course.. my problems are -i dont have good communication skills ...i need suggestions from you guyz to improve -what is the scope of cs engg,,nowadays,,,n how much should i...
  13. T

    Shocking Report Card

    Shocking :shock: Report Card A Girl in kerala has scored 100% marks in all the SIX subject !!:shock: Can't belive it!!! :smile: here
  14. M

    project online examination using and visual basic

    here i m facing the problem in calculating marks after someone solve the paper. what would be the coding for calculating the marks for the paper.
  15. revolt

    Mumbai univerity Revaluation.Please provode some info if you have.

    Actually can anyone please help me here.I have given my last year sem viii BE examination.and cleared it.However my sem vii (2009) marks were cad/cam = 34, mpc = 28. My mpc subject marks were increasing.Therefore i put it for revaluation.After revaluation i got mpc= 37 marks.(actually it should...
  16. F

    Am I in trouble : Career help.

    Hi every1. Sorry I m using this thread as i was not able to create new thread?? (don't know why...) I just want a piece of advice from you all. I have completed my BE in Computer last month only. I have got 54% only. Recently there was walkin for one reputed IT company. The...
  17. D

    low marks in 12th not sure need Advice

    hello everyone , now that the CBSE results are out , as usual i got some pretty low marks rather unsuitable to get into a good college 82.4% overall and just 73 in maths :cry:. i have an interest in going into the computing field , on operating system/parallel computing or Game...
  18. The Conqueror

    Tips for Boards...

    Hi friends, Class X Board exams are just a few days away and I need some tips n tricks..I heard that CBSE is very lenient in giving it true ? has anyone got more marks than expectations ? I got around 88-92 overall percentage in my pre boards and school exams..How much should I expect...
  19. R

    div x converter

    hi friends, pls help me with the best div x converter which can convert any format to divx format without any 80mm marks.
  20. skippednote

    Studies after 12th

    After reading almost all the threads in the education section of the forum i have made up my mind to share my future plans with you. I being a Geek cum Noob am a technology admirer and want to pursue my career in this sector only. I scored 80% in my 10th boards and was almost satisfied...
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