1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. M

    Best Mail Server

    Hello, I'm doing some research about mail servers and would appreciate recommendations. It needs to: Be compatible with Windows. Have strong customizable anti-spam and anti-virus features. Support mailing lists.
  3. T

    Sharing 1 printer to 2 networks

    I got two networks in my office...1 internet & other is organizations intranet....All my colleague's PCs run on intranet & currently i m sharing my printer only on intranet where other users of my organization can access my printer.... i want to share it with the internet pc also which sits...
  4. ramakanta

    Rediffmail's New Look

    Rediffmail's New Look (Rediffmail FlatUI) Very very faster than Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo mail. but unfortunately this service only for new user
  5. mohityadavx

    Fix Needed for Battery Consuming Apps on Android

    Hello, I am using HTC One (M7), running on Android 5.0. The problem is that I need to use this notorious app 'IBM Verse' for checking my university's mails and it consumes a minimum of 20-25% of my battery. I have tried putting the sync to manual instead of automatic but so far it hasnt done...
  6. The Incinerator

    [Views] Terrible Transcend

    I have been running pillar to post to buy the Transcend Storejet 35U3 and just couldnt find any at any store across Kolkata. I tried all the well knowns at GC Avenue but nobody has it and their so called Distributor never returns any favourable answer to the calls made by dealers.So I finally...
  7. RBX

    Final Telephonic Interview

    I applied at a company for a job with development profile (trainee). They had written quantitative aptitude/reasoning test, then technical test. Then I has technical interview with two guys, and later had a little chat with manager who told me about the work the company does, he also told me...
  8. beingGamer

    Skype no longer available for Symbian :(

    Received this in my mail today..
  9. patkim

    Is it possible to include 'Digitally Signed' Security note on print out of digitally signed mail?

    Hi..I have a mail in Outlook Express 6 that's digitally signed by the sender. Security Note 'Digitally Signed and verified' also appears in the header when the message is opened in Outlook. When I print the mail though, that security note is not included. Is there any way it's possible to...
  10. tkin

    [Complaint] Logitech G105 Serial no. mismatch

    Hi guys, I just bought a Logitech G105 from a reputed shop in Kolkata(will not share the name now, don't want to make early conclusions). Now, the keyboard was in a sealed pack. It's imported by Rashi. Now the funny thing is that the Serial no. on the box and on the back of the keyboard are not...
  11. S

    Outlook cant send mail with attachment

    Dear guys , i cant send mail with attachment in outlook 2013 or 2010.port are unblock, i am using IMAP.Without attachment mail can send. OS windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 No antivirus install even windows defender disabled. no plugins install on outlook. then where is the problem guys, can u...
  12. bestpain

    web page required urgent

    hii frnds i need to submit a .html webpage as my project tommorow....and tommorow are my internals .so i dont have time to create a webpage...if anybody has already done similar projects on any topic can mail it to me at i need a simple page having 2 or 3 links in...
  13. lywyre launches Music, Luggage and Games stores

    Was expecting a mail from Flipkart regarding the Moto G launch, but got a mail from launching Music, Luggage and Games stores Music: Music Luggage: Buy Travel Luggage Bags, Backpacks, Briefcases, Shopping Bags & Accessories Online at Low Prices in India...
  14. T

    Send mail via Contact form PHP

    Hi, I am not able to send mail via contact form developed in php. Reference Free, simple, PHP based email contact form Is there any other way round to do this? EDIT : It worked for me, there was a mistake in my code. There was no need to configure. Thanks techlearn
  15. RCuber

    Google Account Disabled

    Guys, this morning I saw that my phone was showing a warning symbol, checked and saw that my google account had been disabled and asked me to login via a web browser on a computer. logging in directed me to a captcha code and then the browser loaded my Gmail. I promptly changed my password and...
  16. Inceptionist

    What is Incident no.? (WD Black 1TB)

    I have to send a mail to WD about a hard disk I bought. It is WD Black and the website is showing 2 years warranty instead of 5yrs. The mail I received from WD is But I don't know what Incident# is. :|
  17. R

    [Praise] MSI Service in Bangalore/India Rocks!

    My MSI Radeon R6870 Hawk was experiencing Fan issues from past half a year. one of the two fans died and i was running on one fan till last week. Recently both my GPU fans went kaput and i had to take emergency action.:mrgreen: So went to the service center - Which is Digicare. Ill tell you...
  18. ramakanta

    Security Warning

    whenever i want to register a form or save a form in any websites or log In a e-mail id or sign out a e- mail id, Security Warning message displayed . what is it.??? what i will do ??
  19. N

    Problem with Windows 8 Apps

    Some of my Windows 8 (metro) apps have stopped working all of a sudden. Effecting apps as of now are "Photos" / "Yahoo Mail" / "Calender" / "Messaging". Clicking them simply returns to start screen again :-(
  20. RCuber

    Voice Mail - does anyone use it

    Title says it all .. if you are not aware then check this. I'm talking regarding usage of Voice Mail in regards to cellphone network. its quite common in the US but not here. Voice mail can be accessed by holding "1" in your phone.
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