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I have been running pillar to post to buy the Transcend Storejet 35U3 and just couldnt find any at any store across Kolkata. I tried all the well knowns at GC Avenue but nobody has it and their so called Distributor never returns any favourable answer to the calls made by dealers.So I finally decided to mail Transcend. They took almost a week to get back. Even after that they couldnt get the Distributor Rahul or Transcend Indian offices to contact me!!! A mail from Hugo Lee , Transcend South Asia Head (CC to me, Distributor, Transcend India etc etc) from Taiwan failed to wake up the Distributor or Transcend India!!! I wonder if a pre sale inquiry is treated in this manner I wonder what the after sales service would be. So drawing conclusions from this very experience Transcend is blacklisted atleast from my side. Trashend.
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