Where I download the Linux manuals???

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Flash Linux manuals? You mean you want some linux tutorials in flash format?
And what kind of tutorials, any specific topic, what level - beginner, advanced?


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I think u will get video tutorials (flash) from CBT but u have to pay for that.
Otherwise u can refer any free ebooks or notes.


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@Qwerty, @Selvamcbe is not asking for help to install Flash!! What he is asking for
is Linux manual in Flash format with demos in Flash. So that it's easy to learn
& understand Linux.

@Selvamcbe, there are many CBT(Computer Based Training) Tutorials available for learning Linux
with Flash demos. PentaSoft has developed some CBT tutorials on lots of Computer related stuff
like Programming, Internet etc., You need to buy those, since these are not free ones!!
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selvamcbe said:
Where is download the flash linux manuals online ????? :mad: :mad:
@selvam coimbatore u should have better posted in Tamil itself :eek:
if u want linux tuties,tldp.org is there and enough.
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