1. R

    [Complaint] Flipkart send me defective IFB washing machine

    I purchased a IFB TL- SDG 7.0 KG Aqua washing machine from flipkart on 2 April, 2017. The product sent to me is defective. 1) Detergent tray is missing. 2) light bulb assembly missing. I have provided the image and video proof regarding the same. Image : Dropbox -
  2. G

    Graphics Driver not compatible !!

    I have HP DV6-6165tx (8Gb RAM). Every game used to run smoothly on the laptop but few games didn't run at all like Metal Gear Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs.... The last game which I played on it was COD Advanced Warfare and it was running good at low settings. On the internet I got to...
  3. D

    Washing machine brand recommendation

    Please suggest a good and reliable brand for washing machine. I want to purchase this model, so i buy it? Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ One more doubt i have, they have a exchange offer also, my machine is very old but working will they accept it?
  4. B

    Machine Learning

    Hey! I'm currently searching for ideas for my final year project and I want to use machine learning in my project. I've almost completed a course from Coursera, and I haven't been able to gain much from it. Can any suggest me any good tutorials?
  5. B

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10

    Printer not working after Anniversary update of Windows 10+other issues Hi Guys, I shared a Canon LBP 2900B printer connected to Windows 10 laptop to a system with Windows XP computer using the steps as mentioned in the links below(check in the order of the links)- How to connect Windows...
  6. sam9s

    sam9s VMWare project! powered by ESXi Hypervisor

    welcome to sam9s ESXi VMWare Project! to run all your servers/workstation from one machine sam9s is back with another weekend project, which basically involves creating an ESXi server and running all your servers or workstations from it. What is ESXi … ESXi is an enterprise-class...
  7. D

    Trouble with Core FTP LE

    I use Core FTP LE for uploading content to website. Of late, I am facing problem with it. I have recently installed Core FTP on Win 8.1 Pro machine. Initially, it was working. But, now it has stopped working properly. Though I can connect FTP server with it, I am unable to upload/download any...
  8. bad_till_bones

    Advice Required - For Buying Washing Machine

    Hi, Planning to buy a Washing Machine for a family of 4. Kindly suggest which one should I go for - front or top loading. And it would be really nice, if I can get a model number too. Regards.
  9. Cool Buddy

    Desktop for Internet Browsing - Normal Config or Raspberry Pi 2?

    Recently my laptop has been giving me a lot of problems. These days I am not doing much on it anyway. Hence I am thinking of buying a cheap desktop setup. The requirement for this machine is very low: Should be able to run web broswers with 4-5 tabs Should be able to open Docx, Xlsx and...
  10. gohan89

    Need help in buying Washing Machine!!!!

    I wish to purchase a front loading washing machine for my family of 4. Laundry will be 2-3 times a week with regular clothes and once or twice a month for cleaning bed sheets,pillow covers and curtains. Requirements include: 1) Extremely well built and low maintenance 2) Water Use and Energy...
  11. I

    Second Hand Washing Machine Buying Advice Please

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying a second hand washing machine. I had a very old (about 10 years or more) front loading fully automatic IFB and have realised that a washing machine is essentially a money sink. So to save upfront costs I am thinking of buying a second hand one. However, I am...
  12. L

    Heavy duty portable machine with good backup

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) inr - 80000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Programming & development (quite a lot) ,server holding, movies...
  13. amjath

    Steam game downloading on backup machine.

    Hi Guys, I have a query. If i install steam and download a game in my backup machine and copy the files back to my gaming rig, will the copied files accepted/validated?
  14. C

    Building Used Dual Xeon Workstation from ebay

    hi friends.... I already own AMD FX 8350 (8 core) as my working computer I want a 24 hour rendering machine, so i can off load my renders on that machine and continue working on my AMD machine I am planning to buy a dual xeon X5650 processor which are available cheap on not...
  15. S

    Workstation+Server ?

    I am planning to buy a workstationish server under 1 lakh, but I am sorta confused. Below are my requirements : Processor : Xeon E3 or E5 series processor. RAM : 4GB or 8 GB Chipset : Intel C series, single socket is fine, if Dual socket is available, better. GPU : None as of now. Power...
  16. M


    Hi guys, Requirement : Fully Automatic Washing Machine. Question : Which brand and which model should I buy. Plz Advice. (I am confused between LG and Samsung) Budget : 20-23K Capacity Required : 6 or 6.5 kg Cloth Loading : Top loading
  17. S

    Gaming rig wont start

    I brought my new rig(spec in sig) in Jan this year and promptly locked myself out of bios while trying to set up secure boot I since the machine itself was working perfectly I decided to ignore the problem till...
  18. D

    Development PC configuration

    Hi, I am a software engineer working on .Net technologies. I am looking for a Desktop. I require a configuration with Core i5/i7 with 8GB/16GB of Memory and 1TB HDD. Please help me in configuring the same. I am also open with Bundled PCs from DELL if same is available at competitive...
  19. R

    Printer + scanner machine suggestion required

    Hello Digit, I need to buy a Printer cum scanner cum fax machine for my home use. Please suggest me the and affordable one Ink cartridge refilling wise and print quality. I'm not going to print photos. Only document printing will be my use. Regards, Rishikesh
  20. K

    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit OS Should I have 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM ?

    So Finally I have purchased my new Laptop. It is a little old config machine but nevertheless suits my requirement for now so...My question is, it has come with an inbuilt RAM of just 2GB. I want the machine to be butter smooth in terms of multi-tasking and browsing between windows and apps and...
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