Need help in buying Washing Machine!!!!


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I wish to purchase a front loading washing machine for my family of 4. Laundry will be 2-3 times a week with regular clothes and once or twice a month for cleaning bed sheets,pillow covers and curtains.

Requirements include:
1) Extremely well built and low maintenance
2) Water Use and Energy Efficient
3) Low Noise and Good Drying capabilities.
4) Good After Sales service in Kolkata
5) 10 year warranty on Motor.

I am swayed by the Direct Drive Washing Machines from LG (both my ads and customer reviews on sites such as Flipkart and Snapdeal) and its good support service in Kolkata.

But I am a huge fan of Bosch engineering but am worried about their after sales service in Kolkata.I dont know wheteher it is good or not.

So please suggest as my max budget is 30-32k.
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