GPU kaput?


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So I was playing dark souls 2 and then all of a sudden screen goes funny. Green lines and blue lines. I restart the machine and since then it doesn't go past the welcome screen. After welcome screen, screen goes black and after a wihle a message comes up saying "A hyper transport sync flood error occured on last boot."

I removed GPU and now machine boots and works fine on onboard graphics.But a message shows "AMD catalyst drivers are not functioning properly. Please reinstall the latest drivers." So is the GPU gone or is there a way to fix this??
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Most likely your GPU is kaput, try using it in another PC with A DIFFERENT PSU !.. If it doesnt work, then get it RMAed..


try safe mode and play prince in DOS.

No ...try to go to safe mode with F8 and remove your gfx driver and install the new one from the interwebs


Pro/An---tagonist xD
Yeah I removed GPU and booted using onboard graphics. Then uninstalled amd drivers.
Then I plugged in GPU again and this time it booted into the desktop. :D
Now going to reinstall catalyst drivers. Hope it works fine. *fingers crossed*

Update:- I installed 14.4 drivers. But again when i rebooted, black screen after welcome. And then "A hyper transport sync flood error occured during last boot."
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