1. A

    Help required for buying mobile in kolkata.....

    kolkata guys....Help required for buying mobile.. hi everyone... Iam plannin to buy K790i mobile ,i hav few doubts..... 1.what is the price of k790i+2gb memory card+HPM-70 in kolkata 2.I heard like some shop keepers change parts of mobile and they will sell it for lower price....Tell me shops...
  2. P

    Govt job at home or company job away from home?

    I've been self-employed all my adult life and I don't intend to change, but someone close to me got a campus placement with Wipro. Joining date is March 2009. He has also received an offer to a government job in our home town, albeit at a somewhat lower salary, and he's asking for my advice...
  3. s_arka_r

    Having problems in using utorrents

    I have the following problem with utorrents used on winXP SP2:- I have BSNL DATAONE HOME 500 plan. 1.my download n upload limits are onto 'unlimited'. N i get a d/l speed ranging from 80kBps to 120 kBps and u/l speed from 25 to 75 kBps. Is that good enough or am i gettting it lower than...
  4. D

    Best Codec For Mobile Videos

    My point is that using avi is useless as the audio quality goes away ! if i use mpeg-4 alongwith aac lc 20-30 kbps the size is less and sound better than avi's-mp3 . however i wanna know 1. is ogg theora (vp30 modified) better than mpeg video codec at same lower bitrate ? 2. how can i...
  5. iMav

    Wheres the Warmth I Ask

    What the hell is going on here; zombies are being awarded nobel prizes (being a zombie is criteria no. 1 but wth); every human walking on God's green earth says Armageddon is not far off; laureates say glaziers are melting sea side, houses will sub merge, there will be no proper food to eat, man...
  6. gurujee

    best laser printer within 6K

    Hi I need a laser printer badly. But my budget is very low- 6K, but again,the lower the better. Whats the best deal under the budget ?
  7. H

    need a new lcd

    previously i had a Viewsonic 1912wb which i sold off 2day.so i'm in need of a new monitor preferably a 19"-20" widescreen lcd.plz suggest the best lcd monitor that i shall get in 9-10k the lower the better.i love the display of my Compaq C739TU and want my new monitor to hav a similar sort of...
  8. ajayritik

    How to convert a lower bitrate MP3 Song to a higher bit rate song?

    I have some songs which have a bit rate of 96 Kbps which I want to convert to 320 Kbps. Do we have any software which will do this? Will there be any change in the quality of the song? Generally we observe that if we go from higher to lower it will be ok but if we go from lower to higher then...
  9. P

    Problem with windows XP

    I installed windows XP in Intel Celeron 466 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD and intel 810 chipset environment. It was running fine. Later I installed some lower end games on it and it started throwing issue. Whenever I start my system it automatically gets shut down just after showing the desktop. Is...
  10. D

    utorrent prob, upload speed is higher than download speed

    hello , i am using utorrent and download a imp file of 3.7 GB . there are 4 -10 seeders and 38 peers . my problem is that i am getting lower download speed than upload speed .i have also forwarded a port . i have a connection of 512 kBsp unlimited . what do i do?? thanksssssssssssss!!
  11. faraaz

    Capped at 6 kilobytes per second?

    Hi, I'm on the Airtel 999 per month 256 Kbps unlimited connection. I had two computers in my house which were internet enabled, one was right near the modem and the other was one floor above it connected through lan cable. The lower comp got like 20 KiloBytes per second download speeds...
  12. C

    DVD writer not working in Windows...

    I purchased this Sony DVD-RW DW Q30A drive a year back. The drive has been working perfectly, until now, that is.... After assembling a new PC, I plugged in this drive, and installed WinXP. But after the installation, the drive simply fails to recognize any CD or DVD, and when I...
  13. morpheusv6

    Hardware in Bangalore

    Please suggest a place to get original new hardware (graphics card) in Bangalore. Any pricing lower than that mentiond at computerwarehouse is okay. Thanks :)
  14. K

    Problems in volume of system speaker

    I've XPHome with SP2 having 2.1 on board sound system. Normally I use Winamp to listen music which was alright so far, but now I find that whenever I try to lower the volume of the sound, the 'Wave' vol. gets lowered automatically and I've to set it right always on opening the Volume Control...
  15. N

    speaker woes

    i going to buy 2.1 speakers in just a few days. please help me choose a very good model from logitech or creative or altec lansing. which brand is good? please can you also mention the rms rating, SNR ratio and other ratings with a wired remote control. i'm looking for atleast 64W of rms rating...
  16. A

    For all those who think that they know/don't know about graphic cards performance

    I have noticed that people here talk a lot, but know ntohing and only mislead, nothing else. Please check here hardocp.com tomshardware.com xbitlabs.com, gives higher scores and you should expect only a fraction of the fps they give(maybe half or so, maybe lower fringsquad All these...
  17. T

    PDF files in Windows 95!

    hi. I have some pdf documents to be viewed in Windows 95. I tried to install Adobe reader but it didnt install because of lower version of windows. Is there any way to view Pdf files in win95? Please help me.
  18. N

    CS:CZ how to lower da pings

    Is der anyway to lower da ping as we play in wan we get disturbed servers which lead to bad quality of game play pls help
  19. I

    RAM Speeds

    MY Mobo supports DDR with a 266MHz speed (FSB??). Can I use a RAM with a higher speed like 333MHZ or so? Will the RAM work even if at a lower speed?
  20. A

    MP3 to WAV or vice versa

    Hey guys do u know any free mp3 to wav converter having some edit option to lower down the wav setting............. If any then suggest waiting abhinav :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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