1. girishpaiv

    IvyB(3rdgen) hotter than SB(2nd gen)??

    Is core i7 IB more temperature producing than i7 SB ??is it something thats not negligible??:-? Does lower max TDP means safer?? (i7 3610QM[2.3Ghz] :45W while i7 3612QM[2.1Ghz] :35W)
  2. justme101

    Low FPS in CS:Source

    So i switched from 9500GT to Sapphire HD6770 and i was expecting an FPS boost but disappointingly it didn't happen can you guys tell me what's wrong?? I used to get around 50-60 FPS in my old GPU and with the new one it's around 70-75...is that all i would be achieving...all my seetings are...
  3. desiJATT

    Confused between HD6950 2GB and HD6870 1GB

    Hello guys, as i am very near in finalising my configuration, I have a big doubt. So here it goes. First i thought of buying the HD6950 2GB, as i wanted the ultimate performance in BF3 in my budget, but after researching for a while over a lot of benchmarks, i have seen that it delivers about...
  4. J

    Need opinion on the config i've chosen

    I'm planning on opening a Gaming Center which includes console gaming as well. I came up with the following configuration for the Gaming PC. I'd like to know if any component changes can be made to lower the budget, without compromising on its performance. Also any suggestions will be helpful...
  5. zacfx05

    lucid virtue..reduce power consumption...?

    hello frnds, will lucid virtue result in lower power consumption when not gaming, how much will it effect fsp whn used in igpu mode. secondly if we are using lv in dgpu will the gpu always work even not gaming...? like a normal mb that dont have lucidvirtue sw after reading other articles i...
  6. socrates

    Cyanogenmod releases first Android for TouchPad edition

    Advises you to "lower your expectations" :D Cyanogenmod, the modding community working on a port of Android for the orphaned HP TouchPad, has released its first round of software for that tablet. As you might expect with a name like "Lower your expectations", the Android Honeycomb software...
  7. Skud

    Quad-GPU Performance Review: 590 SLI vs 6990 CrossFireX

    So the HardOCP people are at it again! After TriFire vs TriSLI, now comes the duel of QuadSLI and QuadFire. Here's the bottom line:- And here's the power draw comparison:-
  8. rohan_mhtr

    Xfx 9800gt

    For sale is my 9800GT which i had purchased around Jan 2010 . Edit : I have confirmed its a green edition . ie . it requires around 40% less power but performance is only around 10% lower then standard edition . Also does not require a 6pin pcie connector .Temperatures are also significantly...
  9. srkmish

    UMD games for PSPs

    I am fed up of exorbitant prices of original umd's. If someone can offer them at a lower price, i would be willing to buy...
  10. A

    Required HD 5770/HD5670 and RAM 2gb DDR2 533Mhz

    Hi, Posting this after the discussion at the graphics thread. Recommendations were to get a HD 5770/HD5670/HD5750 RAM 2gb DDR2 533Mhz Kingston/Crosair Anybody willing to sell kindly let me know. Location: Pune (the nearer the better) Budget: the lower the better....fair for both parties :)...
  11. The Sorcerer

    Corsair TX V2 series announced and Released in India

    Source Edit 1: Official pricing · TX850 V2- Rs.7,500 · TX750 V2-Rs.6,500 · TX650 V2-Rs.5,500
  12. R

    DVD Writer not detected

    Hi all, Recently when i opened My computer,I noticed my DVD writer drive was missing and XP showed only my Virtual drive.My DVD writer doesn't read any CD/DVD now and I'm really perplexed with this issue.The power to the DVD writer seems to be fine as i am able to open and close the tray by...
  13. R

    Best android phone under 10k

    guys wich is de best android phone under 10k more features de better...lower the price the better :D
  14. paroh

    Turn of Interleaving achive lower ping rate and Increase SNR for stable connection

    Turn of Interleaving achieve lower ping rate and Increase SNR for stable connection If ur line is good ask ur isp to turn of Interleaving by this u cauld achive very lower ping as compare to previous ping rate when Interleaving is turned on. As i read people able to achive (To local servers, it...
  15. V

    Need Help In Buying 22" LCD Monitor

    Hi I want to Buy a 22" LCD Monitor. My budget is Rs 8000 My System Config is: AMD Sempron LE1150 2Ghz Acer EM61SM/AM Motherboard (Manufactured by Foxconn for Acer OEM) - Nvidia MCP61 Chipset Onboard Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 6100 nforce 405 RAM: 3*1 GB Transcend DDR2 667 Mhz PSU: Gigabyte...
  16. sujeet2555

    services.msc view changed

    i have window xp .services.msc view has changed.see the attached picture.there is some space between upper bar and lower line.i don't know how to revert it back.
  17. H

    Which to buy:: 7210 supernova or 5130 or any other !!!!!

    i want a good mobile...which is best :: 7210 5130 (not 5310 !!) or is there any other better one in this or a LOWER price??
  18. Disc_Junkie

    Find out if you are colour blind or not!!!

    Many of us are suffering from colour blindness out here but don't realise it. I have myself checked in a website where I got four squares each representing numbers and letters. I found myself having colour blindness :-x by not able to distinguish a letter in a square.:-x Here it is...
  19. toofan

    How to lower the ping.

    Friends I am playing some online games like. Wolfstiene Enemy Teritory, Urban Terror, COD 2. But many times i get error message that Only low ping are accepted. Can any one tell how to lower this ping. I have BSNL 299 plan.
  20. M

    Fabulous offers on ebay!!

    I don't know why most people hesitate to buy from ebay but I have been seeing some good offers there....especially if you have "10% discount coupon". I too overlooked the deals until one of my friend was able to get Brand New Palit 4850 for just Rs. 9k (shipped). Thats lower than what is being...
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