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IvyB(3rdgen) hotter than SB(2nd gen)??


Is core i7 IB more temperature producing than i7 SB ??is it something thats not negligible??:-?

Does lower max TDP means safer??
(i7 3610QM[2.3Ghz] :45W while i7 3612QM[2.1Ghz] :35W)


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^^ Show me a valid link that states ivybridge mobile cpu's are not worth buying due to overheat.
Running hotter automatically reduces overclocking headroom on stock/cheap coolers. So Core i5 2500k is still the best overclocking CPU around.

But the main reason to go for Ivy Bridge is if you have systems that are on for extended periods of time (electricity bill). Quad Core with 77W TDP \m/


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Ivy Bridge actually had 2 versions - the 1st one was launched first and stopped in production in one month, although never officially announced, some websites had found some differences in 3450M, one which was produced earlier and second one was brand new. The 1st one had some heating and usage problems while the second one ran without any glitches.
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