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CPU upgradation dilemma

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Dear friends , recently my four years old AMD duron compatible motherboard expired due to some unknown reasons, and has forced me to plan my total system upgradation. since core2duo proecessors are pricy yet, have planned to upgrade to a pentium 4 processor as of now. But as read about pentium 4 ranges of processors from various articles (digit,CHIP) there are lots of variants of p4....LIKE...p4 E(prescott). p4 EE(extreme edition), P4 HT( hyperthreading.)and also lots of P4 5xx and 6xx series irrespective of clock speeds. i will use this processor for gaming purposes only...and have learnt that P4 EE has 2mb of L2 and 3MB of L3 cache ...will it realy boost my sys. performance. I am really puzzled as want the best processor on P4 series available...and budget is max rs 5000. I have planned to pair it with ASROCK conroe 945 G-DVI motherboard.So, iam looking forward from some detailed expert advises and suggestions to get the best P4 processor (above 3.0 Ghz) considering performance and processor heatinng issue...also if U can add some links.


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Buddy!! first let me know ur total budget(including mobo ). Personally i wud suggest u 2 go for intel Core2Duo(best cpu as of date) with gud onboard graphic motherboard. P4 series are out of race. if it doesn't suit ur budget then go 4 amd x2 series(am2 socket).
but don't go 4 p4.
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in 5k.. u should go 4 pentium d 915... 2.8ghz... 2*2mb l2 cache... 800mhz fsb...
forget c2d..


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do not go for pentium 4 now.

Either go for Core 2 Duo E6300, or Athlon64 X2 3800+ AM2 based computer.


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i totally agree with saurav. No sense opting for p4(phasing out) and pentiumD(overheatin problem). In any case amd x2 3800+(am2) is far superior than p4 and pentiumD but not core2duo.
amd x2 3800+(am2 socket only) + k9ngm2(not k9ngm) = Rs.11,000


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It really doesnt make sense buying a P4 as its alerady outdated. With 5K u cant really buy much. I suggest go for the E6300 which is the cheapest C2D & will cost u around 9450 but u ll have to spend on the MOBO seperately .. so IMO u got no option but to somehow increase ur budget .. or buy an outdated cpu ...
its u who has to decide :)

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Don't worry too much.
c2d will be outdated b4 u know it.
Intel officially announced its 45nm proccies today (they are already talking of 32nm, u believe that!!) Its all over extreme-tech
We shall have 45nm proccies in the markets in a year (6months according to intel).
And know what, I have a P4 1.5 GHz 256kb L2cache (the earliest ones :D). So just buy a cheapo for the timebeing but a good motherboard. Upgrade sometime next year or the year after.


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well go for D102 in motherboard rather than 945 because it has 256mb onboard graphic card n cheaper as compared to 945. den u can buy processor accordin to your budget,
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