1. R

    help @ POP sot

    4 years ago I played prince of persia for the last time / then again from yesterday . this time it is POP SOT ....many have played it and rated it very high . the camera is bit confusing anyway I am stuck in just 2% so asking help . I have to get the dagger ( i am in maharaja's vault ) So...
  2. g_goyal2000

    Where's my sidebar???

    I have WindowsXP SP2 with all the latest updates installed. My system was working fine one day but when I restarted the computer, I noticed that the sidebar on left in Windows Explorer was gone. The sidebar is the one on the left of the Windows Explorer in blue color which shows System Tasks...
  3. M

    trick for megaupload....no alexa toolbar

    this make ie beleive that alexa is installed run.....Regedit go to location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micr0$0ft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\Post Platform Create a alphanumeric value and left click on the right panel and selecting NEW on a white space...
  4. K

    How to set high resolution??

    Hi, I've got a Compaq Presario Notebook. The config is as in my siggy. The problem is that whenever I try to increase the resolution from 1024x786 to any other...the desktop or the screen expands out of the actual physical screen. So when I take my mouse pointer towards left, the screen...
  5. ashfame

    Adsense help

    I have created a blog of mine for Adsense. The problem is that only one ad is viewable on the top. I want the ads to come in columns either left or right. I want more of them. Pl help. Here is the link if anyone wanna have a look: *moneymakingindians.blogspot.com/
  6. H

    slow 'horse' after an improper shutdown .

    well my PC is only one month old ( AMD 3000//1GB//msi-rs482//SeagateSATA80gb) and its running fine . its boot time was very less also . when I pressed cabinet power on I could only just see the windows-xp screen with 2 'fill-up' blue complete bars go from left to right. then monitor turns...
  7. B

    nfsmw help ???

    when i play nfsmw while racing , when i press nitrous using alt key my left arrow botton does'nt work :(
  8. saurabh.sauron

    Confused in AOM!!!!!!

    I installed Age of Mythology. I tried the learning campaign. I defeated the Cyclops(there was only one). After that, i dont know what to do. Cheats dont work and there are no more objectives left. What do i do?????
  9. nix

    mouse left click noise

    my mouse ( logitech optical cordless) when left click makes a kind of irritating screeching noise. i dont know why. it must have fallen from the table. how do i rectify this i think two surfaces are rubbing against each other when i click. but on the outside, everything appears fine. ??
  10. aditya1987

    ++ Bad sound in one channel ++

    Hi guys I have a video file in avi format. The sound in left channel is good but the right channel has bad quality sound and it's volume is less as compared to left channel. I think that the video is recorded using tv tuner card. All the other videos have same sound in both the channel. Is...
  11. P

    Well, this one's peculiar

    I'm using an LG 17" monitor. Evreytime I turned this monitor sideway to the left, the left screen became pink. I knew it had something to do with magnet, so I rearranged the spekears. Didn't solve the problem. Strange thing is when I put one speaker to the left side of the monitor (when it's...
  12. K


    Hi Guys, I am using Windows XP Home Edition (SP2) and I am also using Sony CD Writer along with its Software Nero StartSmart, the version of which is If we are viewing websites of different types online, then the Files viewed are available offline on either History or on Favourites...
  13. dhawald

    disabling video,mp3 preview in win2k

    how do i permanently disable the small preview of video and music files which comes on the left side in the explorer in win2k
  14. Dipen01

    Partition Editing,Resizing Doubt !!

    Hi.. i have one problem regarding Partition Editing,Resizing...But to make it clear am stating it with example.. 1 HDD -- 40 GB 3 Partitions (C - 10 GB,D - 7 GB,E - 20GB) C - Primary(O.S) D,E - Extended This is current condition of my HDD. What i want to do is reduce some space...
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