1. S

    Further Studies Possible or not?

    Hi, I recently completed BBA from Amity University via distance learning, and wanted to know if I can apply for MBA in universities in USA. Kindly Help.
  2. N

    Learn Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

    Any one interested in learning digital marketing please let me know.
  3. B

    Machine Learning

    Hey! I'm currently searching for ideas for my final year project and I want to use machine learning in my project. I've almost completed a course from Coursera, and I haven't been able to gain much from it. Can any suggest me any good tutorials?
  4. Hrishi

    Best Unix OS for Beginner

    Hi folks, While I have asked/discussed this question in TDF group, but I thought to ask it in forums as well for more opinions. I am planning on learning Unix OS. [ Target is HP UX/Unix ]. However since you can't simply run HP Unix on non-iTanium CPUs so I am looking for something with...
  5. I

    Kids Math Game - 123 Counting

    "Kids Math Game - 123 counting" is an instructive Smartphone amusement planned for children that makes them ready to know, compose and check Maths Numbers. It likewise tells concerning geometrical shapes and method for drawing them. Download Kids Math Game - 123 Counting...
  6. Nerevarine

    Unity 3D discussions

    Since many people here are showing interest in learning this, I thought of creating a thread so we can discuss techniques and other stuff...Also i wanna know how many people here are seriously learning U3D ?
  7. kunalht

    Computer Graphics

    How to start learning computer graphics and what are the requirements for learning that? I know basic C/C++ . Computer graphics with openGL or DirectX which should i learn? Suggest books or online tutorials for computer graphics for beginners....
  8. S

    From where should I start learning python ?

    Hi , please help me . Where do you suggest me to start learning python ? Please recommend some sites , links , books , software's , etc. Please also recommend that which IDE I have to use for python ?
  9. clerkman1612

    Is BBA in Retails Operation from SMU(Distance Learning Course) good?

    Hello Digit Experts guys. I want to open a small ecommerce business. So BBA in Retails Operation From SMU(Distance Learning Course) good or sufficient. I has not yet planned for MBA. I m at now only 12th Commerce Pass with good % score in CBSE exams. So Please Help me in giving a good advice...
  10. A

    First Year CSE, questions about Linux/Unix and Old pc

    >I am very interested in self learning everything I can about computers. [I already learnt basics of C++ and have ordered Head First Java ] >I came across this site: What every computer science major should know and decided to follow it beginning by learning C along with UNIX/LinuX for which i...
  11. P

    Online learning source for java

    Hi :-) ..I want to learn java but I don't get some good and easy learning source ..please anyone know some easy online learning source then share with me...
  12. nikku_hot123

    Help me Getting my First DSLR for learning Photography

    Please help me choose a DSLR. My priority is learning Photography. Budget is max 25000/- My options are open with Second had Cams too.(Provided pros in this forum help me, coz i am skeptical about it as having no knowledge of checking condition of the camera). I am gonna purchase it last of...
  13. pacificb0y

    Digital Tutors -Learning animation through digital tutors

    Does any one else is learning animation through digital tutor tutorials ?Digital Tutors is The Best tutorials For learning animation upto advanced course For those who seeking to learn animation on their own can check this Digital-Tutors > Tutorials and Training for CG, 3D, Animation and...
  14. sunny4691

    My First Android :)

    Hi guys, after much of a waiting due to the holidays and bandhs in Assam, got my Nexus 4 16GB yesterday. Its my first android so still learning about all the features of android. Also got Skinomi screen protector + Nillkin white case.
  15. Hrishi

    Java & Open-Source Development [Need Assistance for Beginner]

    Hi , I am planning to start learning Java Programming and getting into Open Source Development specially android. Prior to this I had some experience in developing applications based on C#/.NET. The reason I am looking to switch from .NET to Java is because of Open Source and stability of...
  16. D

    Camera for learning photography.

    I am just a beginner.Learning photography.Kindly suggest me a camera. Should i go for the SLR/DSLR ones or just learn first from the basic ones. If learning from basic ones is the option then kindly suggest which ones to go for.
  17. sygeek

    Before you start learning to program

    Before you go start learning to program and brag about your 1337 skills to your friends, here is what you do first: Learn about the basics of your computer. Seriously, you can never become a good programmer without proper knowledge of what you're practicing it on. No, you don't need to be a...
  18. buddyram

    Drupal learning sites

    Hi folks, Could anyone suggest me any good online drupal learning sites. I need to create Job Portal kind of site through it. I need the suggestions at the earliest. Thanks in advance.
  19. vickybat

    Robot Mimics Human Reasoning

    Robotic technology never ceases to amaze us, and the SOINN (self-organizing incremental neural network) robot certainly isn't an exception. Led by Osamu Hasegawa, a research team at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has present an incredible robot that is capable of human reasoning and learning...
  20. speedyguy

    App development using j2me or android?

    Please advice considering all aspects. Im beginner to both. WIll have 2 learn n work on it. Options are j2me, android or bada. Im not considering bada. But which one should i work on considering market perspective aswell as my learning speed and comfortability. I know java programming and...
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