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  1. S

    Flipkart etc. - Suggest me a very good external dvd writer

    Are all reviews and ratings on flipkart real and posted by consumers only and I can buy computer components and other items from flipkart based on them ? I also need to buy a very good external dvd writer, from online (flipkart etc.) capable of writing dual layer dvds. Suggest me so and...
  2. Zangetsu

    Good Dual Layer DVDs 8.5GB

    Hi Guys, Need to buy a good Dual Layer 8.5GB DVDs so suggest good ones recently bought Rainbow DVD-DL (8.5GB) but found that actual space is 7.96GB :-x so suggest ones which has actual space > 8GB space how is Moserbaer Buy Moserbaer Dual Layer DVD Online
  3. B

    DVD Writer can't read Dual Layer Disks

    Hi i have a DVD writer from Samsung its model no is "TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F" and Firmware Version : ID02. I am not able to read and write Dual layer disks plz help Also i have attached Nero Info tool, which supports my wrd
  4. V

    Pursuing bachelor's degree in US

    Hi guys, I am planning to do my bachelor's from US. Presently am in my 12th standard now. Would love to go for CS or IT there. I have applied for SAT & TOEFL. As far as academics is concerned am not in the creamy layer but still manage to get around 80-83%. Please share your views, the pros and...
  5. B

    Samsung DVD Writer

    Hey guys I have a samsung DVD writer which out of the blue has stopped reading dual layer dvd's but is perfectly reading cd and single layer dvd's. I checked on the dvd's box it shows that it can read dual layers Also i have to hit the dvd writer to make its tray open it dosent open itself...
  6. perplexed

    Adhesive/Glue for Headphones.

    Hi, I had bought a sunnheiser earphone like an year back.. Maybe due to bad usage, or manufacturing defect, the place where the cord actually enters the set seems to have been damaged.. It has a two layer covering of which the upper layer has almost completely came off.. Could someone...
  7. RBX

    Book : Computer Networks

    Which book can cover the syllabus and help me gain in depth knowledge of the subject ? Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum or Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet by James F. Kurose, Keith W Ross Syllabus • Network, Network Protocols, Edge, Access Networks and...
  8. NitrousNavneet

    Burning Dual Layer DVD

    Can I burn an Dual Layer DVD in My normal LG DVD Writer ? And how much a Dual Layer dvd costs ?
  9. A

    Cant run digit dvds

    Hey guys, Bought the digit magazine this time which came with 4 dvds in an exclusive diwali pack with the skoar magazine but I can not run even 1 of those dvds. Really disappointed after I saw all the goodies there in the Dual layer dvds. I have around 4 year old laptop. Is it even...
  10. P

    Want advise for choosing graphics card

    My config is Intel i7 930 2.8GHz Asus rampage 2 extreme 4 Gb DDR3 Ram HDD 160GB & 500 GB VIP 500W Gold SMPS xfx 8600GT 512MB Sony Dual layer writer I am looking for new graphics card so I can play FEAR 3, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3 and any game coming in future I am unable to deside...
  11. ithehappy

    Query about Dual Layer DVDs..

    This may be a noob question but gotta ask, what's this Dual layer DVD? I mean I know it has a capacity of 4.7*2 GB but is it true that you have to write in both sides unlike Single layer DVD? And what's the Price of a Dual layer DVD? Sony or Moser Baer? Also do I need a Dual layer DVD writer to...
  12. doomgiver

    my GIMP woes

    i have these problems with gimp (using 2.6) 1. when i resize an image, it loses its details, even for minor adjustments. 2. all the panels are floating:pullhair: when i maximize the main area, it goes behind the toolbars/panels (the gimp panels, not the os panels). is there any way to fix...
  13. V

    digit dual layer dvd's problem

    i am using a SAMSUNG OCTO EDGE DVD WRITER , and since digit is giving away dual layer dvd's i cant access them on my desktop , but they r easily running on my notebook . i just want to conform that is this a problem with the optical drive - i mean are there special drives to read dual layer...
  14. A

    problem reading digit dl dvds

    My DVD drive Sony Optiarc 7200A firmware 1.09 is not able to read digit dual layer dvds and just creates creaking sound Earlier it used to read the dual layer dvds just fine but recently has not been able to read the dvds in question wile other discs work fine Any solutions to the above problem??
  15. S

    Best dual layer dvd media

    Which is the best quality dula layer dvd media which is available in India? By best quality, I mean, it has to last long, should be durable, etc..
  16. IronCruz

    dual layer dvd

    i bought dual layer dvd for Rs 30/-. i want to burn 7+gb of data in it(not videos). does it take more than 1:30hr to burn? even when i burned normal dvd it took 1hr. is it the problem of nero?or my dvd writer?
  17. KRISHI101

    Dual Layer Dvd Writer Explain Please...

    Hi Everybody.... I want to know about Dual Layer DVD Writer.. I have some query about it.... 1) can i write normal 4.7gb DVD to 8gb DVD with using Dual layer DVD writer.. or i have to buy Dual layer DVD to write.... cant i write any DVD to size 8.0gb???? And if i have to buy Dual layer DVD...
  18. M

    Editing iso files

    How to add or delete a directory/file into an iso file? How much does a dual layer plain dvd (dvd 9) cost in India? location too.
  19. pavilion

    how to simulate the image layer , like the one in Photoshop

    I try to write my own Paint program , and I wonder how to create the "layer system" , like Photoshop , Paint.NET 's features , I try to draw multiple stacked images on form , but it just works terribly . Anyone got an idea of how to do it ? Just an idea , don't give me the source code ,ok ...
  20. rajivnedungadi

    [Feedback] October 2008 (Special)

    Digit October 2008 Special Issue Package & Content Highlights We have a Diwali Special issue in October 2008 Magazine Contents Cover Story: Icons of Trust Test: External Storage Devices Test: Graphics Cards Enhance: Colour and Computers Main Story: The war of the browsers Tomorrow...
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