1. R

    GPU switch issue.

    I have an HP Pavillion 15 AU-114TX HP Pavilion - 15-au114tx the major issue that I'm facing is with it's performances: 1)While gaming I realised this by accident: My cross-hair in CS:GO smoothly when connecting via my phone's hotspot and then reconnecting to my hostel wifi. If I run...
  2. akhilc47

    Lag only when connected through router ethernet cable

    Hi, I'm getting lag when I'm connecting PC to my router (using RJ45, not wifi). If I remove router and directly connect RJ45 cable from ISP to my PC, works just fine, but then I wouldn't get wifi for my other devices. This is strange since this setup was working fine until recently. I...
  3. D@rekills4

    Tablet for the simple purpose of typing and storing

    Hey guys, I don't really have a lot of time to do research on what I should buy. Maybe you guys already know. Just looking for a really cheap tablet that in which my grandfather can type and store stuff. That's it, not other use, no games, no intensive apps. Technically all I need is...
  4. A

    Smartpen/digital Pen with compatible Laptop/device recommendation.

    Hello everyone. :) A friend of mine is a teacher of Mathematics by profession and he needs suggestion for a Fine Point Precision smartpen for my Laptop and it should not produce any lag in input. For e.g., while drawing a circle it should appear on screen instantly or at least with minimum...
  5. P

    Stuttering and Packet Loss on Airtel Broadband. Please help!

    Hi guys, I currently stay in kolkata and use a 8mbps airtel broadband connection. I use the beetel 450TC1 wifi router that they provided when i took the connection. Now the problem is, I suffer stuttering and packet loss during online games. I play games most of the time and that is the main...
  6. ssk_the_gr8

    1GB RAM Windows 8.1 Tablets. Performance?

    As mentioned in the topic, I am interested to know how these 1 gb ram tablets perform? Both in desktop mode and modern UI mode? Do they lag a lot? How is the gaming on it(App store games)? even with heavy games like fifa 14 for tablets? Please post your experiences
  7. win32.tr0jan

    [Open] Illustrator and Photoshop lagging in i5+6GB RAM

    I own Lenovo Z510 laptop with configuration - i5 4th gen, 6GB RAM, 8GB SSD(hybrid). and Nvidia GeForce 740M. Even in this configuration Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 is lagging (Even when working without textures, just plain colors). How can I optimize the settings? In Photoshop for hardware...
  8. pkkumarcool

    Playing games on higher res. than monitor native

    Does it effect your monitor,gpu or gaming performance if u play games on more than native resolution i mean will it lag more?
  9. Anorion

    Why game releases skipping pc?

    Noticing too many games released for ios, android and macs but not pc! It's weird Some examples: Asphalt 6 Flashout 3D RC mini racers Would really like to play these an others on pc. Never thought pc would lag behind macs in gaming content, but it feels like that is happening :(...
  10. S

    Is Galaxy Note 1 worth a buy, considering my requirements ?

    I am considering note 1 after the recent price cut. My requirements are as follows : 1. Stream 720p videos lag free in the browser. 2. Play back 720p and 1080p downloaded videos lag free. 3. Good lag free Browsing experience. 4. Decent battery life. 5. Regular phone features...
  11. Nerevarine

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Android !!!

    has anyone tried it out yet ?? How lag free is it ? official play store link :
  12. rajatGod512

    WD Blue 500 GB SAT III HDD Problems

    Hi! So, when I purchased my pc from flipkart in June 2012 I bought a WD Blue 500GB SATA III (5000AAKX) HDD but that turned out to be DOA , I then called up cc of flipkart and then they replaced my hdd which too was DOA , I got that one replaced too Now this third HDD was working normally until...
  13. M

    playin games on intel hd 4000

    hey guys... i hav an samsung series 5 notebook the latest one (NP510R5E-A01UB) .... games lag on hell like that... any suggestions or tweaks so as to make games like bf3, nfs run, saints row the third etc work??? these games lag even on low settings. :( can this graphic card be overclocked...
  14. A

    TF2 Lag Issues (Warping) | I've best laptop and connection possible.

    Hi, I'm facing a lot of warping (i.e I lag in game and appears to be teleporting from place to place) issues in Team Fortress 2. Thing is I don't feel the lag myself for me the game works very smoothly but for everyone else in the server I appear to be lag and warp. I can't really figure out...
  15. S

    Need an IPS led monitor 23" or 24"...

    I'm planning to buy a monitor.I heard that IPS are superior in color reproduction..So i need your help choosing good IPS monitor...I do a little bit gaming so suggest the one which is having low input lag...And also tell me the difference between HDMI and DVI and which one to choose and why ...
  16. H

    Graphics Card Under 3k

    I have a Iball Cabinet, i know its in ur hitlist but cant be chngd, My Budget is Rs 3000,u cud add 100-150 rs xtra not a big deal, I have a full HD LG Flatron W2243T monitor so wud like to play games in high res My computer configuration is 2.33 Ghz Core 2 Quad intel processor Seagate...
  17. gohan89

    Want to buy new Tablet!!!

    I want to buy a tablet and here are my requirements.(budget max 15k) 1)7 inch Screen is sufficient.Android 4 atleast. 2)It should be high resolution and touch should be buttery smooth and lag free. 3)Atleast Dual core CPU and GPU should be able to handle HD games with ease.Hardware should be...
  18. V

    Problem with my Sapphire HD6850 2GB

    Okay. So today, I updated the drivers. Performance before updating: Fifa 12: Lag for 5 seconds, play for 10 seconds and on and on. Performance after updating: Lag for 20 seconds, play for 10 seconds and on and on. What do I do now? :\ This is precisely where I download the drivers from...
  19. anarchy0x

    Expandable memory for Sony Xperia X1

    Can anyone tell me if it will support 32 GB without slowing down? I have googled that and some websites say 16 GB and some 32 GB. I called their call center and very surprisingly, even they weren't sure. A shopkeeper suggested me that if I use 32 GB and keep some free space like 5 GB, then it...
  20. iittopper

    anyone play online game via 3g??

    i am thinking of playing games online like bf3 , coop game like boarderland 2 , gta 4 etc via mtnl or ideal 3G . Do it give decent pings and latency?? Even if it give me slighltly playable ping ( just no lag) i would be more than happy . So user who have experience it can share their views ???
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