1. S

    should i go for NIIT OR NOT?

    hello everyone i need suggestions on whether i m planing right or not i m a grad of 2009 in network engineering now preparing for msc to do next yr as i m jobless n free almost n bored so only to keep my learned things in grad i was thinking of joining short term courses like ccna java...
  2. H

    knowledge of geometry for 3d animation

    I have heard that good knowledge geometry is needed for 3d animation ? is it true ?
  3. udaydeep_1990

    PHP Institutes in Delhi

    Hey guys, I am planning to do a course in PHP, and for that i'll go and check various institutes next week. But I don't know which institutes to go and what to judge them upon.... If anyone of you has had any past experiences in a PHP course pl tell the various options available...
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Android App Development

    Android App Development i wanted to get into this .. so i want to ask u guys whether anyone here is an Android App Developer? what languages do i need to know to develop apps? what do i have to learn? basically i want to know where to start. i have knowledge of C,C++ & basic knowledge...
  5. Pragadheesh

    Book for COM programming

    Hi, I want some good book/online material to learn COM programming with C++ from the basics. I do not have prior knowledge about COM but have good knowledge about c++. So some book that will teach me from hello world programming in COM will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. chicha

    Am back

    hello gys/ girls (if there are any) i am back after a looong looong time(not sure how many ppl here know me). i hope all the older members are still here sharing their valuable knowledge. i missed this place. and i hope i can contribute more than i did before :-D
  7. amitabhishek

    Sibal plans to scrap 'traumatic' Class 10 Board exams

    I agree; I think 10th and 12th exam takes a serious toll on average and below average students. They get frustrated and disgruntled with career very early in life. Doing away with 10th exam is a step in right direction. Kudos to Sibal!!! Source
  8. rajwansh2003


    How to use DOSBox ? I do not have much knowledge there are some other software which we can use instead of c
  9. INS-ANI

    what was the AIEEE-2009 cutoff?

    Whats the cutoff? Hey my sis gave the AIEEE exam yesterday and she expects to score 150-160. Those with knowledge of cutoff score for this year, can you guess what can be her rank with this score?
  10. S

    C++ Programmer needed

    I'm in need of a C++ programmer with knowledge about the Bittorrent protocol. If you are interested please reply or PM me with your experience & knowledge. I'll talk to you about the terms after I get your replies/PMs.
  11. moshel

    need info on SAP

    I wish to make my career in the accounts/finance area. However, currently im working a bit off track. and i have no knowledge of tally. i planned on doing tally course but then i was told that i might not get a good pay package instantly and moreover as i have just a bachelors degree, it wont...
  12. pr.itdude

    parental control......

    hey frndz, can u tell me how can i restrict some sites to view to the other user of my system.....?? without the knowledge of other user that this site has been blocked....!!! any firewall settings........???:eek:
  13. aakash_mishra

    How to program 802.11

    Hey forumers, I want to know how can I program 802.11x for remote controlling:confused:??? I don't have any knowledge about programming 802.11
  14. C

    Job offer website designing company

    Hi all I am planning to start a web designing company. Need programmers, web designers with the following capabilities 1.Knowledge of dreamweaver 2.PHP 3.Photoshop 4.Ajax 5.Fireworks 6.Flash 7.asp .net 8.Xhtml coding 9.CSS 10.JAVASCRIPT 11.Creativity 12.Understanding Web 2.0...
  15. Champ

    Microsoft Developer Challenge: Test your knowledge Quotient

    Microsoft India is Organizing Developer Challenge and ITPro Challenge. Its a really good chance to test your knowledge and win some cool prizes. Contest Duration : 5-14 November 2008 According to MSDNContest Web site Ongoing Contests for Developers Developer Quiz: VSTS The...
  16. G

    Hack to Learn Or Learn to Hack?

    This is not only abt computers ,but in general about the way knowledge and skills we acquire in life. -A general quote i've seen somewhere Here Learn doesn't mean only hacking but any Knowledge in general.This Quote clearly tells the difference between Theory and Practice. I can explain u...
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Assembling a PC and Advaced Knowledge

    Guys i want you experts to give me tips to assemble a PC in 10 Minutes straight. Then Also i want to have complete knowledge of PC parts and hardware, please let me know a good website where i can find it. here are my tips. First put things on the mobo, like the CPU 1st, RAM, then put all the...
  18. DigitDonz

    Professional Blogger here's a question for u

    Actually m a blogger in blogspot - and using those plain lookin themes for my blog is there any way to tweak my blog without any programming knowledge - pls help !
  19. D

    Website Developement

    i just finished the J2EE course and now in search of a good project ; where i can implement my knowledge. can you people suggest me some topics on which i can implement my knowledge... i have few in my mind... 1) social community 2) make ur wish 3) money laundering Also pls help me if you...
  20. Manshahia

    help me buying shades..

    need shades while driving bike(pulsar) to protect my eyes from dust and air.. as i dont hav much knowledge abt these can u plz suggest me some models?? budget is arnd 1k-2k...
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