1. G

    update ur knowledge about processors..

    this is a beautiful article i found at pcworld.. wont be of that much help to the techies.. but would help a lot of newbies brush up on their knowledge about cpu's.. here
  2. ymhatre

    Good projectors needed

    Guys i need a good projector for showing my files on computer on large screen.... Currently i have got no idea about my budget..... But it could be max of 15k.... I have no knowledge abt projectors....
  3. bizzare_blue

    Newbie to Linux

    I am a regular Windows user and want to try my hands at Linux...Which Linux distro should I use? I have no prior knowledge of Linux....So suggest an easy-touse one. would be better if its free...
  4. william

    Computer Hacking

    How to do computer havking or network hacking without the much knowledge of programming languages?
  5. S

    Choosing bet Knoppix and Mandrake

    Hello Members , I want to learn linux and have in hand Knoppix and Mandrake ( received through Digit's cds ). I have no previous knowledge on linux and hence do not know which one of them wd be better .. :?
  6. R

    How to put new phone no. in my all-in-one.

    I am having an HP All-in-One 4255 with fax, phone, copy, scan and print facilties. I got it installed in Kodaikanal (TN) with that Phone No. Now I have moved to Hisar Haryana and I have new phone No. with which I have connected the machine. Now whenevr I printout any report of fax or caller ID...
  7. R

    Access the blocked site's

    Getting a cmd prompt when it is blocked. 1- Open notepad or Wordpad. 2- Type 3- Save it as blah.bat (You can change blah to whatever you want, just make sure it's a batch file (.bat)) 4- Open it and voila! To get to the 'C' drive when its blocked, there's a couple...
  8. B

    reboot problem

    hi guys; this is my first post to this forum; :D i have pIII 800 Mhz pc with mercury motherboard; its about 4 years old, it has very odd problem that it gets restart automatically frequently with out any application runing, although im upgrading my pc to amd 2800 with asus motherboard...
  9. I

    What is the difference between C and C++?

    Hi Team, I am a novice in programming and have a bit of knowledge in c++(learnt it when i was in 12th). I want to know whats the difference in c and c++? Isnt C++ better than C? If so, then why so many companies use C and not C++?
  10. mohit

    How to post images in the forum ?

    hey guyz i knw i am asking a silly question but i tried everything and still cant figure out how to post images/screenshots in my messages ? Somebody help.... i dont have any real knowledge of HTML if that is used..... So guyz how do u do it ?
  11. sreevirus

    Wanna learn how to create firefox extensions? have a look!!

    i just stumbled across this site and thought it might be describes the steps in creating a simple extension for firefox. How to write Firefox extensions: * although it requires a little knowledge aboutwindows registry and it might not be as...
  12. A

    failing to get flash player installed - PLEASE HELP!

    hey everyone! i got this minor problem. each time i hit the button and try to install the flash player, i fail. no download warning message turns up, no download starts and i don't have the flash plug-in already installed. probably some security setting is doin' the monkey...
  13. S


  14. D

    GMAIL IS HERE >>>>>>Want GMAIL Account ????????????

    [/b]hhhmmmm at last i got it ,, and i have 5 invitations in my pocket,, If anybody want gamil invitation ,, can mail me ,,with his/her full information,,,, if somebody have some knowledge about good data recovery software and some e-books about ccna and LINUX... ( full version) is most welcome...
  15. S


    Guys anyone here who actually does programming for mobiles or hand held devices ????? it wuld be great if u can share the knowledge by providing some tutorials links or any kinda of help.... :)
  16. R

    Voluntary Job applications invited

    I am inviting Voluntary job applications for the post of forum moderators for a kind of subforum soon to be opened at QnA section,here.10-15 will be selected ,finally before trimming them down.Those interested can send their full bio-data to and another copy of the...
  17. M

    3ds Max users or Maya users

    Hello there Just wanted to start a thread where all 3d users can communicate and share their knowledge with each other P.S.:- I would like if administrators start a new section for 3d
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