1. A

    kingston datatraveler se9 16gb pendrive is slow

    I have recently purchased 'Kingston Datatraveler SE9 16 GB pendrive' from flipkart. but i am a bit disappointed form it. The copying speed is good(around 15 to 20 Mbps) for first 500 Mb's or so, after that the speed slashes to 4 to 5 Mbps. Is the pendrive faulty and should i replace it or...
  2. M

    Brand New Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD 555MB/s sealed pack.

    1. Model number and details: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD 2. Date of purchase: 28 Septemebr 2012 3. Reason for sale: Need money 4. Warranty details: Yes. 3 years 5. Expected Price: Rs 7500 Free DTDC Plus or Aramex. Fast 3 days delivery. 6. Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala 7. Pictures along...
  3. M

    [For Sale] Brand New Kingston DataTraveler DT111 32GB USB 3.0 Sealed Pack.

    1. *Model number and details: Kingston DataTraveler DT111 32GB USB 3.0 2. *Date of purchase: 30-09-2012 3. Reason for sale: Need some money. 4. Warranty details: 5 Year Kingston warranty 5. *Expected Price:Rs 1,800 + Rs 50 DTDC. Free shipping in kerala. 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala...
  4. axes2t2

    Memory card advice needed.

    It's for the Galaxy Ace. Transcend or Kingston.
  5. S

    [Complaint] Kingston

    I had worst experience with Kingston Service Center, Nehru Palace, New Delhi. for every replacement you have to wait for more than 25 days. they have simple answer for that these products will go to out of india for replacement. so you have to wait for 25 days and come after confirming on...
  6. S

    A new graphic card

    Hello, I want to purchase A new graphic card for my pc. As I am a hardcore gamer I would like to have a gpu supporting games like NFS TR, Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed (1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations), Prototype 2, Just Cause 2, GTA EFLC...etc. My Budget at maximum is 8k...
  7. happy17292

    Slow pendrive - Kingston Datatraveler G3 16GB

    I bought this pendrive few days back Kingston 16GB Pen Drive (White & Dark Blue) | Online Shopping Store in India its painfully slow :( just 2.5MB/s write speed and 13MB/s read. is there any way to increase its write speed ? :-x i have formatted it using NTFS system with 16kb file...
  8. A

    gaming pc budget 100k to 110k

    hi guys i wont to build a new gaming pc my old pc wos i7 930 msi pro e x58 corsair vengeance 4x6=24gb ram corsair h80 850w psu kingston ssd 64gb wd 1tb x 2=2tb hhd ati 5750 gpu
  9. clmlbx

    [Want to Buy] Inel core2duo 2.4-3.0 ghz processor

    as thread title says.. needs to buy Intel c2d 2.4 - 3.0 ghz processor ASAP also Kingston 2 GB ddr2 stick 667- 800 mhz
  10. T

    Buy New SSD!!!

    Pals, need to buy a new SSD. Budget - 5k. Use - as a system drive. I got a Kingston Snvp325-s2/64gb from my local dealer but when I checked the Kingston site, it said that the model of ssd is discontinued. So needed to know for which ssd should I go for? Good performer yet in my range. Help...

    8gb pendrive

    guys im plannin to buy a 8 gb pendrive from flipkart. cud any one pls tell me which manufacture to go for? hp,sony,transend,kingston,sandisk???? kingston n hp have cool looks,how do they perform?anyone used them b4? thnx in advance
  12. L

    someone help me please

    i am using kingston 4 GB pendrive. Last night i had saved some audio and videos on it. i accidentally formatted it. can someone please help me. those videos are important to me.
  13. P

    how to decide on the model of RAM?

    i am getting a new pc and want to get a 1600mhz ram on a z68 mobo n i5 2500k. but i have seen there are more than 1 models of kingston hyperx 4gb x1 sticks based on latency. how do i decide the specific model suitable?
  14. R

    Upgrade ram [ Solved ]

    Currently i have 2 1gb kingston ddr2 667 ram. i want to upgrade but this kingston is not available in the market. transcend 1gb and 2gb is available. can i add the transcend with kingston? can i add 2 1gb or 2 gb? which is better? Also there are some cheap hynix and dynet are available is...
  15. H

    [Complaint] Cheated By Kingston , Suggestion Need

    Hello friends , I got cheated by kingston service center , kingston has outsourced all it's service center to different agency in india , back in 2007 i got a kingston pen drive , within few month it died , then i contacted Kignston on their toll free and registered for rma and they told...
  16. The Sorcerer

    Kingston HyperX 120GB SATA 6Gb/s Rev 3.0 (SH100S3120G) SSD Review

    Kingston Taiwan sent a HyperX 120gig SSD for review. As the packaging says: More! Lets see how this Desktop upgrade kit does. [hr] Packaging and Specifications The Kingston drives comes in a standard carton with the usual literature (advertised performance numbers...
  17. The Sorcerer

    Kingston DT Ultimate G2 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

    Kingston Taiwan sends a USB 3.0 Flash drive for evaluation.. This is a DataTraveler Ultimate G2 32GB flash drive. Lets see how fast she is... Packaging, Specs and First Impressions   The drive is pretty thick but then again its a 32GIG Drive. I didn't want to...
  18. Tenida

    KINGSTON 512MB DDR2 667MHz

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: KINGSTON 512MB DDR2 667MHz Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 2008 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Service center will RMA the product by seeing the batch number.So invoice is not essential Reason for Sale: Upgrading...
  19. P

    RAM Configuration

    Hello all. I just added a transcend 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram module to my system which already consisted of a kingston 1gb ddr2 800mhz module. The kingston module runs at 6-6-6-18. Transcend module at 5-5-5-15. The problem is that both these modules are now running at 667mhz as shown in my...
  20. MegaMind

    RAM query....

    Hi guys, i am planning to get a 4GB ddr2 800Mhz RAM stick from singapore. Brand will be G-skill or A-data. Now i am using 2x2GB kingston 800mhz, 1x2GB nanya 800mhz ram sticks... will i have any prob if i install the 4GB RAM stick???
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