1. J

    Sale: Kingston DDR 400 512MB

    Item: Kingston 512MB DDR400 single stick Warranty: Lifetime, bill provided Delivery: Anywhere India, boxed Price: Rs. 1,500 shipped.
  2. I

    MGS 2 Graphics problem

    My Computer Configuration: Intel 915GL Motherboard 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor 512 MB DDR RAM (Kingston) Onboard Graphics(No external Graphics Card) I bought a legal copy of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. There were 8 installation cds( equivalent to 7.9 GB). The game...
  3. huzaifa b arab

    Guys help me buy a new pc....

    Hello, here, I have bought a pc, A64 3500+ Asus A8n-vm 512 Mb Kingston value ram 80 gb SATA Seagate barracuda Although it is a decent conf. i am not satisfied with the graphics performance. So plz suggest a good gfx card 5-6K I am Also planning to buy a new machine with the same...
  4. sude

    Kingston absent, which brand to go for???

    dear users, recently my PC suddenly stopped accepting any floppy disks for the second time. the first time i had to settle for a new floppy drive, though the current situation is same but i am not in favor of buying a new floppy drive.. Neway i have thought of purchasing a pen/flash drive as a...
  5. T

    any idea

    hi any idea about geforce 6800 gs and it price . how much is 1GB ram from kingston and transcend 400 and where to get it from bangalore ?
  6. P


    Is this brand good...?? Or is it equivalent to Kingston and Transcend??
  7. P

    Memory selection

    Which is better brand in memory......Kingston or Transcend?? I saw there are two chipsets in Transcend......mosel and Samsung. In Kingston there are several chipsets.....kingston, hynix or mosel. Which should I buy???
  8. teknoPhobia

    Hynix D43

    does anyone know the story behind the Hynix d43 chips, I'm seeing them used for everything from 3-3-3-8 400, Kingston value DDR 400 to 2-3-3-5 400, Legend overthruster DDR 400 to 3-4-4-8 500 Corsair TWINX DDR-500 modules. why would any manufacturer use fast chips and set the spd to lower...
  9. R

    cant run RAM at 1T :((

    specs as in sig... my problem is i cant change the command rate to 1T .... applications start giving errors when i do :( .....i have kingston value ram (512*2) 3-3-3-8 (2t) timings. already updated to the latest bios release ...any pointers?
  10. M


    hello guys , can anyone tell me the address of KINGSTON Ram Seller in KOKKATA.(authorized dealer).In chandni , Supreme Technologies do not sell as they do not gain heavily on it nor do other BIG sellers. PLZ help.
  11. R

    Need help in buying RAM.

    Hi, One of the vendor's in Lamington is giving me 512 DDR 400 Mhz Hynix for 2000 only. Should i buy this one or should i buy Kingston or Transcend ? How much will or should be the price difference between Hynix and the big boys ?
  12. A

    I want to upgrade to Amd 64...

    Hi I want a new cpu + mb + ram combo I will not upgrade it for the next 2yrs,my budget is 25k+ I am aiming at : 512mb * 2 ddr 400 kingston Asus k8n or msi neo fsr k8n preferably 3400 clawhammer
  13. A

    Which MMC brand is better - Kingston or NCP

    I am currently thinking of buying a 128 MB MMC for my N-Gage QD and am getting MMCs of NCP and Kingston for more or less the same price. So, I want to know which brand is better - KINGSTON or NCP, and which brand is better for using with my phone? Also can anyone please tell me the price of...
  14. fnatic@play

    Finaaallly.. my comp has come..... :D

    OH yeah.. finally after an agonising wait o 1 month to get the most powerful system many wud have tot abt... (no.. its not the most powerful that it there.. DDUUH!!.. tho wud love to got that..).... well.. think the specs are pretty cool.... Athlon 3500+, Asus A8N SLI Deluxe, 1 GB kingston...
  15. S

    400 MHz RAM on 266 MHz MBO???

    My CPU & ChipSet is Intel Pentium 4 1.9 GHz Intel 845GL which supports 266 MHz ram. if i install 400 MHz RAM, will it be able to read it??? It will show 266 MHz RAM but it will read it, right??? I m planning to buy 2 X 512 MB DDR KINGSTON RAM. And also is SAMSUNG 160 GB HDD (non-SATA)...
  16. S

    Kingston RAM

    How much does a 1 GB single module KINGSTON RAM will cost in delhi :?:
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