[For Sale] Brand New Kingston DataTraveler DT111 32GB USB 3.0 Sealed Pack.


1. *Model number and details: Kingston DataTraveler DT111 32GB USB 3.0
2. *Date of purchase: 30-09-2012
3. Reason for sale: Need some money.
4. Warranty details: 5 Year Kingston warranty
5. *Expected Price:Rs 1,800 + Rs 50 DTDC. Free shipping in kerala.
6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala
7. *Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of paper.

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just out of curiosity ...why do you purchase all these pen drives ,hard disc etc just to sell off after one month??:-(


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Still not worth it as San Extreme a way to go with extra few hundred bugs. Its fastest Flash drive As comparable to ssd. Fast as such real usb 3.0 support.

I had seen speed of 258mb/s read and 160mb write speed. Awesome
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