Need suggestions on buying some electronic product between 4-6k


Hi Guys, it's bee some time since I bought any electronic gadget. I'm planning to buy one.
I'm looking for something like a music player or any other general thing.
Since I listen to lot of music I thought maybe I should go for iPod Nano which I think will get for 7.5 K here. I also thought about Kindle but the thing is I'm not too much into reading books and I think that's the only feature available with Kindle.

So do you guys have any suggestions!

Come on guys pour in some suggestions!


Look for a Cowon PMP . It might extend your budget but you will have a good PMP !

I had bought Cowon A3 Player couple of years back. Not too happy with the product.

Sony Walkman Live is also coming soon

Do you have more details on this one. I checked a link on the net which says that it costs around $363.

Sony Announces Walkman Z Series Of Android Personal Media Players

What about Kindle what are it's features?
Also iPod Nano looks interesting since I heard it has a feature that supports measuring calories burn.


Sorry but I wont be able to provide yot a link as i am on my phone

Kindle is just an ebook reader,
found something interesting in newspaper:-
iOmega iConnect, "think of it as a network-storage box w/o drive bays, but with the ability to bring all your desktop and portable usb storage into your network. It can also make anything on your portable storage available to you over net. It can stream music&video across network, handle torrent transfer and device-to-device replication of data, @6.2k"


In the zone
Guys I'm sure there are more people out here who can give there valuable suggestions!

save it and buy later mate. (future investment :-D)

i also have around 6k but iam saving it, will buy a ps3 in 2012 as no successor is estimated around 2014 :)
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