Where should I To buy Kindle from Ebay or Amazon?


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I checked The Amazon Kindle WIFI non touch price it was 149$~8000 R.s (with customs and shipping,) But A seller in ebay.in is selling Kindle Touch(with special offers) For 8000Rs , he said that to claim warranty if any problem arises I would have to pay courier charge to ship it back to US.( Because kindle touch with sp.offers is not officially available in India )

Now I am in dilemma For the sake of 1 year warranty,should I buy non touch from Amazon or should I buy the Touch version from ebay seller(who has nice ratings in ebay).

Amazon Kindle Touch e-Reader with Wifi, 6" Display!!! | eBay


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Even if you buy it from Amazon, You'll have to ship it back to US to claim warranty. :)

SYW - You can buy it from here @ Rs. 6990.

I bought my Kindle from SYW too. You can trust it.

It is avaialable on amazon for 110$ Link. Not sure about if there will be any custom duties on it.

It is not Kindle Touch.
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