1. Hrishi

    New Monitor and Keyboard Recommendation

    Hi Folks , I am in the process of gradually upgrading the components I used for portable gaming , since I have now switched to a desktop which is capable of gaming. The rig is fair enough to handle most modern games at 900-1080p ( Most of them at ultra , and some of the demanding ones at...
  2. GammaLazer

    New Keyboard: Red switch or Blue?

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to mechanical side of keyboards. I am right now using Logitech G105 and want to switch over to the mechanical keyboards. But the problem is the even after reading best of guides online I am unable to decide to which kind of switch should I use? I am mainly a...
  3. D

    modified " Budget - 20k" config with GPU, PSU | need urgent infos.

    Processor Intel 3 GHz LGA 1150 G-3220 3950 CPU Cooler Stock Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 3,838 Memory Corsair DDR3 4 GB(1 x 4GB) 2,450 Graphics Card ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 3,069 Power Supply Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU 2,850 Cabinet Zebronics Chisel Cabinet...
  4. G

    Cleaning and Maintenance of HP Pavilion DV6-6165tx

    It has been three years since my purchase of DV6-6165tx laptop. It was doing good in its initial stage (good battery life, low temperature during gaming, fast booting etc.) but now it is working too slow!! The temperature reaches 90+C during gaming (in Performance mode of HP Coolsense) and 80C...
  5. rider

    Project Hackintosh [Under 50k]

    I want to build a desktop and use the latest Mac Yosmite OS X. The basic need is photo & video editing and hardcore gaming in 1080p resolution. I prefer both 256GB SSD for OS and 1 TB 7200rpm HDD. It should have 16GB of RAM I already have keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers. So no expenditures...
  6. Krazy_About_Technology

    Where to buy genuine Lenovo Thinpad parts in Mumbai?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased my Thinkpad X240 from US through a relative. While ordering he did wrong customization and although the model came with the same Processor, RAM and HDD config as I wanted, it is missing the fingerprint reader, wwan 3g card and backlight keyboard. Out of these...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Macbook pro keyboard not working

    My friend has a macbook pro A1278. A few days ago, his keyboard started to malfunction. Most keys are not working at all and "H" is working as delete key. He has set a login password and since the keyboard is not working properly, he is unable to login. Today he brought the macbook to my place...
  8. S

    Good Backlit Kayboard

    Hi All, I want to buy a good backlit keyboard with max budget of 2.5K . I am a programmer who works at night and for long hours. I would like the light color to be white preferably. I had bought "Genius Imperator Pro" from recently but they sent me Imperator for which I have...
  9. S

    Headphone not working in Keyboard usb

    Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2013 Headphone: Steelseries Siberia frost blue(Usb) Problem that I am getting right now is that when ever connecting my headphones in keyboard side usb an error pops up saying that "USB device not recognized...........One of the Usb devices attached to this computer...
  10. Zangetsu

    Best Android Keyboard

    Ok guys :-) read this article thoroughly and post feedback. Guide: In-Depth Look at the Best Android Keyboards - XDA Forums which keyboard will you install and use in your Android OS.
  11. Ronnie11

    Tablet with keyboard Needed for a budget of 30000/-

    Hey guys, So i am asking this on behalf of a friend of mine. He is looking to buy a tablet. He will be using it for browsing, mails, surfing etc. However he is looking for one which supports external keyboard as he often has to write a lot of mails a day and prefers typing on keyboard than on...
  12. T

    Gaming Keyboard with Mechanical keys.

    What would be the cheapest keyboard you recommend without normal membrane keys? I want mechanical. Or will a good gaming membrane keyboard be better than my normal nongaming logitech?
  13. Abhishek_Z

    [40-48k] A Laptop with Great Screen & Keyboard

    Hello there guys. I wanted to know about any laptops in range of 40k to 48k that suit my needs. Following are my requirements : ->Screen Resolution : Min Full HD(1920x1080 px) & NO Glossy Screens ->Screen Size : Average to Large ->Touch Input : NOT Necessary (trying to keep in budget)...
  14. B

    Mechanical keyboard suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a mechanical keyboard in the next week or so. I have used the TVS keyboard in the past (who hasn't, lol). Are the expensive ones really worth the premium over our old desi favorite? Am gonna primarily use it for coding and don't need any fancy macro keys and whatnot...
  15. H

    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard only works at certain angles

    Hi, I am using a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 and it seems to only be working when its kept flat on a surface. If I keep it in my lap, or on a pillow, it doesn't work. Any idea whats happening? Do I need to replace this keyboard? Thanks! ~N
  16. ajayashish

    Gaming Machine for $500

    Hi Everyone, I am here after a long time and i know there cannot be anyone better than Digitians to help me on this. I am in US and was planning to buy the Alienware Alpha but then thought what I can get for the same price range if I assemble a Console. So the requirement is simple. I...
  17. smashingdude

    FIFA 14 stuck at loading screen!

    Hey guys, so i just bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 3542) I installed FIFA 14, which was working just fine on my desktop, on the laptop and launched the game. However, the game keeps getting stuck at the screen where it says "press start or space to skip". I have tried using the laptop's...
  18. A

    Coolermaster Devastator - Ghosting issues?

    Hi, I have ordered a CoolerMaster Devastator Mouse+Keyboard combo from Snapdeal. I was reading reviews and I found out that this keyboard may have ghosting issues. Has anyone faced issues with this keyboard? Also I play a lot of Fifa and this might cause issues and especially online if ghosting...
  19. S

    suggest some good wireless mouse and keyboard combo

    Hi guys i am looking to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I was searching but couldn't find any good ones nor do i know anyone who uses wireless keyboard and mouse. My Budget is 5k, range is not a priority but it should not have delay and battery should be long lasting. thanks
  20. Chetan1991

    Need good quality keyboard within Rs.2000.

    Hello everyone. I need the best keyboard that can be bought within 2k. I could spend more if the keyboard is really worth it. Need one that doesn't require too much force, doesn't has too much key travel, and lasts long. - - - Updated - - - :bump: bumpity :bump: :bump: :bump:
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