1. V

    Processor + MOBO + RAM - 30k

    Please advice a configuration including motherboard, Ram, Processor and cabinet in a budget of 30k (- + 5k). I have a monitor, speakers, Keyboard, mouse Primary use would be 2d and 3d softwares and casual gaming. Thanks.
  2. R

    How much should this confiq cost?

    processor: Core i7 2620M 2.7ghz 4 MB cache 2 cores 4 threads. RAM: 4 gb ddr3 1333 Chipset: QM 67 14'' display 500 GB hdd DVD writer Ports: 4 USB, VGA, S-video, HDMI display, headphone, speaker out, RJ-45, AC power / card slot WIFI Bluetooth Spillproof keyboard with integrated touch...
  3. rider

    [URGENT] On Screen Keyboard not working

    I've some issue regarding to windows 7 in my laptop, the problem is the neither the windows on screen keyboard works nor the kaspersky internet security one. Whenever I try to open windows on screen keyboard it shows C:\Windows\system32\osk.exe A referral was returned from the server. And in...
  4. M

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse within INR 2K - suggestions please?

  5. Zangetsu

    Need new keyboard

    My 8yrs old Logitech keyboard is dying a slow death (some keys are not working):-? so,want a new keyboard. suggest a good keyboard which should last for atleast next 5yrs :mrgreen: budget is 400~600
  6. cute.bandar

    [For Sale] flat multimedia KEYBOARD , with palm rest for sale.

    I am selling a day old keyboard that my sister got me as a replacement for my old keyboard from USA, but I had already bought a better one so gotta try and sell this one . Keyboard features : - full sized keyboard with numpad - Over 16 multimedia keys. (volume control, power, calc etc) - palm...
  7. ankit.kumar010203

    Want To Buy a Cordless mouse and keyboard....!!!

    Want To Buy a Cordless mouse and keyboard Under Rs 15000....!!! I Want To Buy Cordless mouse and keyboard Combo Under RS 15000....Its Should Be Of Good Company(Brand) And The Device's Life Must Be Of Long Lasting....!!!!:|:| I Also Want To Use This Mouse And Keyboard With My Tablet Ainol Novo...
  8. K

    Keyboard configuration

    I have installed dv6 2005ax keyboard panel on my dv6 keys have jumbled up...please help me sort out
  9. vipul619

    [Review] ASUS K53SM-SX010D Notebook

    THREAD WILL TAKE TIME TO LOAD.. :-D After lot of research and with the help of fellow TD members i finally purchased this laptop for 40000INR from Nehru Place, Delhi from an Authorized ASUS Outlet with accessories that include Budget USB Mouse 1 Year, 3 User Antivirus (N360), DAFUQ...
  10. SunnyGamingHD2

    Help Buying Keyboard Cover

    I want to buy Keyboard cover for my HP multimedia Keyboard please suggest some and where to buy online please thanks!!
  11. RON28

    flexible keyboard?

    as i need a keyboard for my new pc, i was thinking about getting a flexible keyboard :D i mean those who own it, please tell how are they, better than a standard keyboard? i really hate that dust which accumulates between keys, so is there any standard chicklet keyboard for PCs as well? or...
  12. D

    DELL KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Hi there, I am planning to buy DELL KM632 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. The Dell is quoting its price as Rs 2500. This pair is generally bundled with their Alienware and other Dell Desktops. I am impressed with the keys style and the standard keyboard layout. The link for the product...
  13. B

    need a keyboard

    hi guys!! i want to buy a new keyboard.. max budget is rs.500.. would be mainly used for gaming.. suggest boys..
  14. CarlonSamuels

    Gaming keyboard

    Hey everybody i wanted a gaming keyboard to go with my new rig It should have back lit buttons w/usb ports w/multimedia keys Budget 2k-3k
  15. balakrish

    Urgent! Ants in the System unit!

    Hi friends! In my System Unit, There is full of ants. I don't know how to solve this problem. Everyday i have to open my System Unit and ONLY can see the ants and what they're doing. I'm really worried, because my whole system is becoming the home of ants. My keyboard also...
  16. swiftshashi

    HP Pavilion dv6-6121tx Long Term Review

    HP Pavilion dv6 6121tx Comprehensive and Long Term Review Introduction-This review is about my "Budget Beast"-HP Pavilion dv6 6121tx.Its a long term review, spanning over the entire ownership period of this beast, hence it covers all the pros & cons of the product. Therefore,this review is a...
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